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    Your life depends on You. On decisions you make now it depends where you will move further and what will happen farther.
    If you are interested in self-development, in the development of your natural talents and abilities we introduce to you the book “WAY OF HIGHER UNIVERSAL NATURE“ that offers the way of self-development and self-progress that exceeds the human level.

    Read the beginning of the book here:

    “ To the Seekers of the Way

    Seekers of the way, listen to me attentively, and simply look into your own hearts without trying to remember anything I say to you. One, who recalls, does not understand, one, who understands, does not recall. Whatever you put into your memory never will be yours,everything that you have understood will become yours forever. The reason for that is that you memorize something what you are not able to understand, but you feel that some day it might be of use to you or someone else. To be of use to you but not to become a part of yourself, or your understanding. No one can enter the same river twice, and it is not because the water flows away, but because having once entered the river one can not get out of it. The river stays inside of him forever, and he stays in the river forever as well. They both become a single whole. Understanding is complete, knowledge is fractional. One can deduce lots of situations and bits of knowledge from understanding. The knowledge passes, understanding stays. Where can I find someone who has forgotten about knowledge, to talk to him. A wise man can hear, see, or learn a little and understand a lot: SAPIENTI SAT, enough for a wise man. If you are unable to understand, it is better for you to forget and save yourself from responsibility for the knowledge. If you do not know the Higher Cosmic laws, you are not responsible for them. If you have learned the Higher Knowledges, it is your obligation to follow it. If you can manage without the Higher Understandings, it is better to do without it. It will bring much trouble and make you restless. Understanding every new Higher Truth brings you to a new state of yourself. Without new understanding no development can be achieved, no new Self development. The old way of understanding means that you are also old, staying in stagnation without development. The world is going forward leaving you behind. Those who do not come in time are late. “May one be pardon'd, and retain th' offence? … but 'tis not so above, there is no shuffling, there the action lies in his true nature...” The problem is not in answering the question “To be, or not to be?” and “Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, or to take arms against a sea of troubles, and by opposing end them?” (Shakespeare's 'Hamlet'.) This is a trap for dolts, because choosing any of the two options one is not able to understand anything, or to change himself. In both cases it is just a response to impotence and failure to change oneself. There is no sense in contradicting the Fate, as well as your boss. Same as to spit against the wind. Still, one can change both, but there is only one way to do it – by changing yourself. ”

    If you would like to obtain this book please contact us: mma-mail@yandex.ru

    If you would like to know more please visit our website: http://www.monoshans-overshans.com/ (web site is Russian-speaking only)

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