125+ Christian & 50+ Islamic Nations yet they want India to be Secular Country

Discussion in 'India' started by Ignorant, Jun 13, 2015.

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    125 countries in the world are Christian dominated and though the majority claim to be secular, it' a common knowledge in those nations that Christianity is the law of the land.
    Same goes for over 50 Islam dominated nations of the world.
    However, there is just one country in the world which has Hindus as its majority population - still the world expects it to be Secular.
    (e.g. Nepal was a Hindu nation until a few years back but thanks to the growing Chinese and Pakistani influence, Nepal is now a 'secular nation'.)
    And India - the last refuge of HIndus has been made secular ever since the Colonial rule ended.
    What's the problem with being a Secular nation, you may ask. Afterall it's 21st century and with so much of science and technology, why should we care about religion in the first place ?

    Be it 21st century or the 1st or the 51st... religion, was is and will continue to dominate the world politically, socially and economically. it's the coarsest level of a belief system and a means of awarding allegiances across nationalities and boundaries. Because religion is not simply about whom you worship and how and where. It's a way of political association for the monotheistic faiths - Islam, Judaism, Christianity etc.

    And which is why, a major chunk of world history has been shaped by religious conflicts , be it holy crusades or Jihad.

    And this is not going to change anytime soon.
    Live with it
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    Namaskāra Ignorant. Hold still. (in the loud, festive street with vermillion container, I see you and run up to you in ecstatic fervor, thumb the vermillion, and streak your forehead upwards with the vermillion for recognizing the truth)

    You have that right! At the same time, non-dharmic countries want to secularize India, people like the Republicans (I have another name for them, but shut up, shut up, be respectful here, please Stephanie) want to make the US officially a Christian nation in spite of the Tripoli Treaty stating otherwise clearly. Read Rajiv Malhotra's books and his articles.

    What is very dangerous about the question of caring about religion when we have science and technology. Western civilization is an example of a civilization that has gone rogue and is dangerous to everyone around them, because they have technology that can kill many people and render entire continents, if not the planet uninhabitable, and there is NO inner science within to mediate the control of behavior over the responsible use of such technology. What Dharmis had mastered many thousands of years ago was how to live as civilized human beings in balance with nature.

    This is why we need to redevelop the skills of purva-pakśa at the individual level. People are beginning to wake up, thanks to Rajiv Malhotra and others doing this kind of work. I am giving my hand to help Dharmic civilization stay alive.

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