4 Stories on Sexuality and Physical relationship

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    Annamalai Swami - Disciple of Raman Maharshi

    Annamalai Swami is an Disciple of Raman Maharshi. When Annamalai Swami was staying at the Ashram of Sri Raman Maharshi, he was given charge of constructing more buildings for the Ashram.

    Annamalai Swami was some times troubled by sexual thoughts but some how he used to avoid the thoughts.

    Amongst the construction workers there were some very attractive females and occasionally, Annamalai Swami were attracted to them. Once he expelled all the female workers so that he can avoid them. But Raman Maharshi stressed him to employ them.

    Once he told Ramana Maharshi that he doesn't want Moksha but he wants to get rid of the desire for women.

    Raman Maharshi laughingly said “all saints are striving only for this”. From Raman Maharshi answer, Annamalai Swami was assured that he was not alone in this suffering.

    But one afternoon Annamalai Swami was sitting in his room, when he saw a beautiful woman going to meet Raman Maharshi. After some time when that woman came out of room, Annamalai Swami was totally captivated by her beauty and lust.

    Suddenly Raman Maharshi came out and asked Annamalai Swami to stand on a particular rock and Maharshi started conversing with him.

    The sun was at its peak and Annamalai Swami was not wearing any sandals. So soon his feet starts burning from heat but he could not change his feet as it was an order from Maharshi.

    The pain in his feet started increasing and suddenly a thought arises in him that the pain he is experiencing has replaced the sexual desire. As the thought entered his mind, Ramana Maharshi abruptly ended conversation and left him.

    After some days Annamalai Swami was again disturbed by sexual thoughts to the extent that he could not eat or sleep properly for three days. At last he thought of taking Maharshi's help.

    Maharshi advised him “Why you pay attention to evil thought? Why don’t you meditate? To whom does this thought came. The thought will leave you on its own accord. You are not the body nor the mind, you are the Self, Meditate on your Self and all desires will leave you."

    Osho on Swami Vivekananda Transformation

    Osho - It happened: Vivekananda, before he went to America and became a world-famous figure, stayed in Jaipur Maharaja’s palace. The Maharaja was a lover of Vivekananda and Ramakrishna. As maharajas go, when Vivekananda came to stay in his palace he made a great festival out of it, and he called prostitutes to dance and sing in reception... as maharajas go: they have their own minds.

    He completely forgot that to receive a sannyasin with the singing of prostitutes and dancing of prostitutes doesn’t suit. But he couldn’t know anything else. He always knew that when you have to receive somebody, drinking, dancing has to be done.

    And Vivekananda was still immature; he was not a perfect sannyasin yet. Had he been a perfect sannyasin, then there was indifference – no problem – but he was not indifferent yet. He has not gone that deep into Patanjali even. He was a young man, and a very suppressive one who was suppressing his sex and everything. When he saw the prostitutes, he simply locked his room and would not come out of it.

    The Maharaja came and he asked his forgiveness. He said, ’We don’t know. We have never received any sannyasin. We always receive kings, so we know the ways. So we are sorry, but now it will be too much insulting, because this is the greatest prostitute in the country – and very costly. And we have paid, and to say her to move and go will be insulting to her, and if you don’t come she will feel very much hurt. So come out.”

    But Vivekananda was afraid to come out; that’s why I say he was still immature, still not a seasoned sannyasin. Still indifference is not there – a condemnation: ”A prostitute?” – he was very angry, and he said, ”No” Then the prostitute started singing without him, and she sang a song of a saint.

    The song is very beautiful. The song says that ”I know that I am not worthy of you, but you could have been a little more compassionate. I am dirt on the road; that I know. But you need not be so antagonistic to me. I am nobody – ignorant, a sinner. But you are a saint – why are you afraid of me?”

    It is said Vivekananda heard from his room. The prostitute was weeping and singing, and he felt – he felt the whole situation of what he is doing. It is immature, childish. Why he is afraid? Fear exists only if you are attracted. You will be afraid of women if you are attracted of women. If you are not attracted, the fear disappears. What is the fear? An indifference comes without any antagonism.

    He opened the door: he couldn’t contain himself, he was defeated by the prostitute. The prostitute became victorious; he had to come out. He came and he sat, and he wrote in his diary that ”A new revelation has been given to me by the divine. I was afraid... must be some lust within me. That’s why I was afraid. But the woman defeated me completely, and I have never seen such a pure soul.

    The tears were so innocent and the singing and the dancing were so holy that I would have missed. And sitting near her, for the first time I became aware that it is not a question who is there outside; it is a question what is.” That night he wrote in his diary that ’Now I can even sleep with that woman in the bed and there will be no fear.” He transcended. That prostitute helped him to transcend.

    Source: from the book "Yoga: The Alpha and the Omega, Vol 2" - Osho
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    Inner flowering of a monk

    Master used many devices to teach the disciples. One day Gautam Buddha asked one of his monk to beg Alms from a particular house and report to him in the evening.

    In the evening Monk came back to Buddha and said "I won't go to that house again". Buddha asked the reason from monk and Monk replied "I was served very delicious food in the house. I thought of having some thing sweet to eat and Instantly I was offered sweet dish by the house lady.

    Then I feel like sleeping and again i was asked by House lady to take rest for a while. At this I became afraid "I asked the lady. How can she feel what I desire".
    She replied "witnessing my thoughts, my mind has become silent and now I can see other thoughts also."

    And Monk said further to Buddha "looking at lady I had thoughts of sex also and that must also be read by that kind Lady and I am embarrassed now".

    Buddha replied "But you have to go again to that house. But this time you should be a different person who will go for begging Alms. Just witness each thought that comes to your mind. Just watch it, don't cooperate with it, don't associate yourself with it and don't analyze it. No Thought is yours, they come from outside. Watch each step you take while walking"

    Monk obeyed as Buddha said and that day new man went for Begging Alms. While Monk was walking he was aware of each step, he was aware of each thought and while eating he was aware of each bite. Thoughts came to him but there was no cooperation from his side and nothing could trouble him that day.

    Some thing changed inside him that day. He was totally at peace with himself. Although the world was same. Only trouble in this world is our Mind.

    Buddhist story of Two monks and Women

    This is one of the most famous and talked about buddhist stories for generations after generations. In old days man was close to nature and it was easy to become silent. This story belongs to that time. One day two buddhist monks were returning to their monastery silently. Watching their thoughts, watching each step and witnessing everything.

    A small river used to flow close to their monastery. Walking slowly, meditatively they came across the river. There was no boat men in the river.

    Instead of boatmen, one beautiful young lady was waiting for the boat man to cross the river. The Sun was about to set and darkness was spreading its kingdom.

    They waited for some time for the boat men and eventually decided to cross the river on their own. One monk who was Young carried the lady on his shoulder and three of them crossed the river. On other side of river, lady thanked the monks and went on her way and two monk started moving towards their monastery meditatively.

    Meditation the very breath of their all actions. After some time Old monk broke the silence "I will tell everything to master"
    The Young Monk asked surprisingly "what will you tell to master"

    Old Monk said " you are spoiled , you have carried the woman on your shoulders, its sin to touch a woman for a monk"

    Young Monk replied "I had dropped the woman at river bank only.''
    But you are still carrying her in your head"

    Some one throws garbage in our house we get angry, but if some one throws garbage in our mind then we don't mind. TV, newspaper, gossips are all garbage. Meditation is the cleanser which cleans all these garbage.

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