8 positive points of Vaastu Related To Kids Education

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    1-It's good to have a rectangular study table
    2-Book case can cause rooms to get stale . They should be moved and wiped once in a three months to remove negative energy .
    3- Do not construct study room under the staircase as that can lead to major failure in studies.
    4-Kids room should be tidy & clean otherwise it will make them lazy n lethargic .
    5-Do not paint kids study room in too many bright colors as this can can cause hyperactivity or insomnia or lack of concentration
    6-Do not place study desk of your kid with a window or door behind the chair .
    7-You can place a crystal for mental clarity
    8- Make them sit facing North or East for best positive vibration.

    Via: Mithilesh Pandey

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