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    Mohammad Ufi, a Persian historian of 12th century, wrote many anecdotes about India. According to him, some Muslim traders settled in Khambat and constructed a mosque. The Parsis, who settled in Khambat, became worried about the growing influence of Muslims. They went to the local Hindu chief and narrated him how Parsis were massacred and driven out of their own country by Muslims. They warned him that the same can happen to Hindus also. The Hindus and the Parsis demolished the mosque and killed some Muslims. Khambat was under the kingdom of Anhilwara. A leader of Muslims went to Anhilwara but failed to get an appointment of the King due to non-cooperation of officials. He somehow got an opportunity to meet the King when he was on hunting expedition. The king heard him and ordered his officials to take care of him as a guest. The King immediately went to Khambat as a common man and inquired about the whole incident. He returned to Anhilwara and ordered for reconstruction of the Mosque. He compensated Muslims and punished the guilty. Mohammad Ufi admires that he never heard of such example of equal justice for all religions not only in his entire life but also in the entire history of his country.
    Indian society evolved on the collective wisdom of tolerance since thousands of years. India is the victim of intolerance since last 1300 years starting from the first terrorist invasion of Kasim (712 CE). Unfortunately, some political and partisan personalities in the guise of artists, authors, intellectuals etc. not only defamed the most tolerant society of the world but also painted the victims of intolerance as Villains.
    It is our duty to teach a good lesson to them. Let us teach a lesson to these two idiots (Shahrukh and Amir) by just ignoring their recently released films.

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