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    Hindus believe in rebirth and it is an interesting subject. We have heard rebirth of humans but have you heard regrowth of hands that were cut. Read the story further and you will come to know about this miracle.

    Gora kumbar, the potter and staunch devotee of Vittal was surprised and felt elated when he realised that the god he worshipped Lord Vittal and Rukmani stayed with him, and his wife and served them like their own son and daughter-in-law. Gora Kumbar could not believe himself to digest the fact that the God he worshipped loved him so much and actually lived with him as a family member and helped him in every way, got back his house lost in debts, worked for his earning as he lost his hands. and now he now lamented "I am a fool. Vittal stayed with me but I could not recognise him".

    Seeing Gora's sorrow, Namadever said "Gora! Pandurangan has a lot of love and affection for you. Both Rukmani and Pandurangan stayed with you because of your true devotion. He saved your assets and by staying with you, he enjoyed your full love and devotion. You all please come with me to Pandaripur".

    Gora and his two wives went to Pandaripur with Namadevar. The Pandaripur temple was filled with devotees from diferent corners of the land. Namadev started the namasankeerthanam in the Rukmani Pandurangan Sanctum. He used to bring a lot of cymbals sets (a music instrument for maintaining the rhythm) and give to the devotees so that they would follow the proper rhythm.

    That day, Naamdev started distributing the wooden sticks (chipla) and cymbals sets and he placed one set before Gora also. We know Gora lost his hands. How could he use them while doing the bhajan and beat the cymbals and chipla sticks to keep rhythm with the bhajan tune while singing abanghs with Namadev?

    The Bhajans were captivating and everyone in the temple danced to the tune and sang in chorus with Namdev playing the instruments to keep rhythim. Gora Kumbar lost himself in the ecstacy of the Vittal Naamasankeerthan and started dancing and playing the cymbals and chipla sticks. That’s when miracle happened. Everyone except Gorakumbar stopped singing and staring at Gora Kumbar. Namdev was shedding tears listening to the singing of Gora who was now singing alone playing the cymbals. Jay Vittal Jay Vittal shouted Namdev at the top of his voice which made Gora Kumbar look at him, but everyone there was looking at him strangely completely surprised. Why everyone is looking at me as if they are looking at a strange object felt Gora. Then he himself realised that he was playing the cymbals usng his own hands. Where did the hands which were cut off by him come from?? Namdev rushed to him and embraced him. Gora was gratefully shedding tears shouting Jay Vittal |Jay Vittal.

    Gora's wife Santha went to Vittal's sanctum sanctorum and cried "Hey! Vittala! My God! You gave hands to my husband. Similarly will you please bring back my son? Remember you brought back to life your Guru Sandeepa Muni's son after 12 years. I have heard this story from Gyaneshwar. Please do the same in my life also".

    Suddenly every one in the temple heard a child crying on the passage to the temple main sannidhi of Vittal. The devotees there saw the child crying and brought it Vittalan's sanctum. Calling Santha "maa " the child recognized her and ran towards her. Yes. That was the child Hari who was killed in the mud prepared for making clay pots, stamped and crushed by the feet of Gora Kumbar who was in deep meditation while pressing the mud under his feet making it soft for pottery making. Santha hugged him and had no words to thank Vittal for his divine mercy on her and Gora.

    Gora and his wife with their child Hari lived for many years dedicating their life and energy in serving Lord Vittal and his devotees in Pandarpur and in heir home town.
    Source: I/N

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