A Doubt in Ramayan

Discussion in 'Ramayana' started by Srini Sharma, Sep 11, 2016.

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    I wanted to ask doubt, an observation in Ramayana. First wanted to let you all know that I am a staunch believer in all the epics. But, this one question is kind of bearing my mind down and I need to get clarity on the same some how. Ram got married to Sita through Swayamvara which was also attended by Ravana. Even if we agree Ravan stormed out of the Swayamvar because of his inablity to lift the bow, he would have definitely got to know about the wedding some how and should be well aware that there is a person who is more powerful than him. Why did he not try and invade Ram? Was it because he was very sure that a human being could not cause any harm to him or was it a sheer negligence?

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