A proud moment for Pakistan & Pakistani Hindus

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    Avinash Kumar Dhanwani s/o Ashok Dhanwani from Sukkur got scholarships from following universities in UK & USA. He also got High Achievement award in a ceremony at Roots Millenium School, Islamabad.

    1, Drake university/ America
    2, Drexel university/ America
    3, Birmingham southern college/$89000 scholarship/America
    4, Saint louis university/ $40000 scholarship/ America
    5, Depaul uni/$35000scholarship/America
    6, Bradley university/ America
    7, The Warwick university United Kingdom
    8, City university London
    9, Lincoln university United Kingdom
    10, Manchester university United Kingdom
    11, Valparaiso university/ $92000 scholarship/ America
    12, Luther college/ $31000 scholarship /America
    13, University of evansville/ $50000 scholarship /America
    14, Scranton university/ America

    We wish him best of luck for his studies and future endeavors.

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