A Scientist and A Devotee - Whose Life is Waste ?

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    A Scientist and a Devotee was going together in a train . After some introduction Scientist starts conversation with Devotee.

    Scientist: "Do you know what are the stars?"

    Devotee: No Prabhuji , I just know Krsna. Everything emanates from him. Krsna is the Start and Krsna is the End So I don't feel like knowing anything else.

    Scientist: Come on. If you don't know Stars Then Your 50% life is waste.

    Scientist: Do you know what are these trees, animals? Do you know any science of botany or Biology?"

    Devotee: Yeah Sir . Krsna is super soul and Krsna resides in everything/everyone as super soul.

    Scientist: hahhahha.Your 75% life is waste. Do you know that who were our ancestors ?

    Devotee: Prabhuji , We came from Krsna and we have to go back to Krsna . Except these I don't know anything.

    Scientist: hehheheheh. hohohoho hahahahhaha. What a fool you are!!! Anyways carry on.

    Devotee: Smiled.

    After this conversation Scientist started reading his Dog generic modification and Devotee was chanting Hare Krsna MahaMantra and suddenly Train Crash happens.

    and Now Guess who's 100% life was waste .
    At the time of death Scientist was just thinking about DOG, where Devotee was so much absorbed in Krsna’s thoughts.

    (originally by krishna sadhak)
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