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    Aadya the origin and anta the end,Kali existed as the primeval darkness that gave birth to the universe and is the energy that will eventually swallow everything.She is Vama who vomits(brings forth) everything and bhakshini who devours everything.
    Her sadhana or worship is warned against,unless under the guidance of a Guru because She is ruthless in eradicating the karma of Her devotee according to Her and not his will.As a mother She seeks to liberate the devotee from the sufferings of the world.A devotee may not have the capacity to accept stuff around him crumbling and may lose faith quickly hence Kali worship is always a path the needs to be understood before travelled.
    Complete surrender must be given to the Goddess no matter what.We should believe that She knows best and will bless us with the ultimate goal...Peace of mind.
    Kali worship requires for all barriers to be broken down,no judgements or steadfast ideologies yet there must be discipline.
    Lofty statements are made that She is mother and all forgiving but a good mother never spoils her child,she slaps and pets too.
    The cremation ground that She dwells in is where all identity and ego is burnt,
    where there is fearlessness and equality prevails.
    Lust and ego are the biggest hinderances in Devi worship.We must understand ourselves to be Her and not our ego self,and She is the form of chanelled desire that is love and not all destructive lust.
    A devotee of Devi should...
    1.See everybody as Her,ignore the ignorant if they cant be changed,there is no place for hate.
    2.Channel lust into desire for a more permanent love,not temporary satisfaction that fuels addiction.
    3.Not speak ill of any path in religion
    4.Respect all women
    5.Eradicate ego and embrace humility.
    6.Be steadfast in chanting and other discipline
    7.Treat every action as worship.
    8.Surrender to the will of Mother and not hold on to our plans.
    9.Dont kill the mind by constant thought of the past and 'sin'
    10.Find a genuine Guru and place your life before him to mould and transform.

    Mother is depicted with huge breasts because She nourishes all creation with the milk therein...a fool is the child that denies that milk in search of ego driven pleasure..

    Bhadrakali....the embodiment of all auspiciousness!!!
    May She bless us all...
    Via: Srinivasa Yudhisthira Iyer

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