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    The Reason of the death of Gajendra singh is not hanging but the people who were hooting and cheering him to take that drastic step.
    Above all the kejriwal seems to be major contributor of his death.
    One word from Arvind kejriwal would had stopped him from killing himself..
    All in one all those of Aam Admi Party members present during the rally are responsible for sucide of the farmer.

    To utmost shame people like Ashutosh making mockery of his death by irresponsible comments is what would hurt worst of humans.

    As far as i have known he didn't had any problem in his personal life but AAM ADMI Parties problems made him "Scapegoat"

    few things as per police reports say that
    According Police reports :
    >AAP Volunteers provoked Gajendra to commit suicide
    >They din't pay any heed when police officials told not to clap and encourage Gajendra.
    > Blocked the Ambulance , protested in front of ambulance ,delaying the patient's time to reach Hospital
    > suicide note is Fake !!

    Now a sensible man will never ever support such party which wants its name at cost of death of a person.

    Ashamed to be Ex-Aaptard. proud to be no more an Aaptard.

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