After Avijit Roy another Bangladeshi Atheist blogger Ananta Bijoy Das was Killed

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    Bangladeshi atheist blogger Ananta Bijoy Das, who wrote for Avijit Roy's Muktomona blog, was murdered just outside his house by a group of men wielding machetes.
    This is strikingly similar to the manner in which Avijit Roy himself was murdered earlier this year

    26 February 2015 Avijit Roy
    30 March 2015 Washiqur Rahman
    and now, 12 May 2015 Ananta Bijoy Das
    .a 32 year old banker was killed in Bangladesh today. Attackers wearing masks hacked the blogger with machetes in Sylhet city at around 8.30 am this morning.
    Hacking bloggers in sequence is a killer tactic by Jihadis. Terror in the hearts of the people is their end objective.
    If you read the reports and statements of people it'd seem that the cockroaches are being crushed. Just like that. Other cockroaches will of course blame the crushed cockroach only ----> for 'needless provocation'.
    Like "What's the need of provoking them by speaking against their religious fundamentalism?" Event a report by Reuter (the news agency) wonders why he was targeted. May be they were angry with his spelling mistakes?? You don't REALLY know why he was targeted?
    Earlier, Al Qaeda Indian Subcontinent branch (Yes, the Indian sub-continent branch) claimed murder of Bangladesh-born US blogger Avijit Roy For all the seculars in the country - this is what attacks on minorities in the real world look like. (They should have broken the glass in a window instead. Our media would have headlined it all week long.) Our Human right activists are all silent on this incident, they don't speak a word about other countries, on the contrary they'd visit other countries and cry about the imaginary 'human rights abuses' in India. We pay tribute to the fallen activists of free-speech in Islamic Bangladesh:

    'Investigators have said religious fanatics were behind those attacks. In 2013, another blogger, Ahmed Rajib Haider, who also spoke out against religious fanatics, was killed by unidentified assailants near his home in Dhaka.'

    Previously The case of Avijit Roy killing, which was filed with Shahbagh police station over the gruesome killing of blogger Avijit Roy , has been transferred to Detective Branch (DB) of police.


    Below is the screen shot taken from facebook post of Majid Freeman

    In February, Farabi Shafiur Rahman was arrested over murder of ‪‎Avijit Roy‬.

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