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    Reincarnation, known in Sanskrit as samsara, is a very openly discussed subject these days. Shirley MacLaine went "out on a limb" on this subject and made popular throughout the United States. Now nearly every television script has standard statements written into it such as "See you in the next life," or "I must have known you in a past life." : Reincarnation, yes, carnate means flesh. The word reincarnate means to "reenter the flesh." We Hindus believe the soul is immortal and keeps reentering a fleshy body time and time again and thereby learn all the lessons life in the material world has to offer. Finally, when I worked out all the lessons have been learned, I will attain Mukti.

    Hindus believe in the repetitious Transmigration of the Soul. This produces a continuing cycle of birth, life, death and rebirth through their many lifetimes. It is called samsara. Karma is the accumulated sum of ones good and bad deeds. Karma determines how you will live your next life. Through pure acts, thoughts and devotion, one can be reborn at a higher level. Bad deeds can cause a person to be reborn as a lower level. The unequal distribution of wealth, prestige, suffering are thus seen as natural consequences for one's previous acts, both in this life and in previous lives.
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    Acc. to Sanatan Dharama, Death is a series of changes through which an individual passes.
    The soul needs to be born again and again until it overcomes its state of dillusion and realizes its completeness.
    Hinduism believes in the rebirth and reincarnation of souls. The souls are immortal and imperishable. Each Life experience on earth and each incarnation of soul offers the jiva an opportunity to learn and overcome its inconsistencies.

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