All things have evolved from the material and spiritual nature of Brahma

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    Earth, water, fire, air, ether, mind, reason and also ego, these constitute manifest or material Nature of Supreme Spirit eightfold divided. The souls or spirits are integral part of the spiritual nature of Supreme Being. All things have evolved from the material and spiritual natures of Brahma. Like clusters of yarn beads formed by knots on a thread, the entire creation is threaded on Brahma. The Supreme Being is everything. It is the sapidity in water, the sound in ether, the light of the sun and other stars, the pure odour in the earth and the brilliance in fire and life in all beings. It is the intelligence of the intelligent; the glory of the glorious; the might of the mighty. It is the manliness in men; the womanhood in women and the eternal seed of all beings. So the enlightened soul should continue to know and worship God Supreme. However, there are people whose wisdom has been carried away by various desires and they being prompted by their own nature worship the deities. Whatever celestial form a devotee chooses to worship with reverence, he obtains through him his desired enjoyment by the grace of God Supreme. The fruit gained by these people of small understanding, however, is perishable. The worshippers of gods can enjoy the power of gods only and they cannot get liberation from rebirth. On the other hand, the devotees of the Supreme Spirit ultimately mingle with the Supreme Spirit and get liberation from rebirth. He, who departs from the body, thinking of God Supreme alone even at the time of death, attains liberation. Thinking of whatever entity one leaves the body at the time of death, that and that alone one attains, being ever absorbed in its thought. He who with his mind disciplined through practice of meditation is constantly engaged in contemplation of God attains the supremely effulgent divine Brahma. Great souls, who have attained the highest perfection, assimilate with the Supreme Spirit and are no more subjected to rebirth, which is the abode of sorrow and transient by nature. However, all embodied beings emanate from the Unmanifest at the coming of the cosmic day, at the cosmic nightfall they merge into the same subtle body of Unmanifest. This multitude of beings, being born again and again, is dissolved under compulsion of its nature at the coming of the cosmic night and rises again at the commencement of the cosmic day. Far beyond this unmanifest there is yet another manifest Existence, that Supreme Divine Person, who does not perish even though all beings perish. The same unmanifest which has been spoken of as the Indestructible is also called the supreme Goal; that again is the supreme Abode attaining which one returns not to this mortal world. That eternal unmanifest Supreme in whom all beings reside and by whom all this is pervaded, is attainable only through exclusive devotion.

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