Allergic Asthma

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    Cold weather with Kapha prakop brings breathlessness. Hence for such patients, warm drinks are encouraged such as Green tea, hot milk with turmeric and ginger, Ginger tea are good drinking options in the cold mornings of Winter season.

    However, eating very warm food items can increase heat in the body, especially in the stomach area. This can lead to swelling in the trachea and esophagus area. Heat and flame has tendency to go upwards. Hence it is possible to have the swelling more upwards until nasal area. This results in breathlessness.

    Another reason for nasal blockage is also related to marma science. There is a marma in the anus, which is connected to nasal area. If a person has heat in the anal region, he or she is likely to go through nasal swellings and blockages. Sometimes, this also causes headache, which is actually result of Blocked Pitta Dosha.

    In both the above situations, it is important to clear blockage and remove swelling. Best medications for Pitta dosha is smooth laxatives. Grapes, Isabgul, riped Papaya are best smooth fibrous laxatives. Disciplines usage of these on weekly basis can clear the entire digestive path and free from Pitta dosha blockage. This will result in no swelling in all parts, up until nasal canal. And thus no breathlessness.

    Of course, the above suggestions and physiology works for an allergic conditions. However, for acute conditions, there are medicines must be followed.

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