An Albanian reverted to Hinduism

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    An Albanian reverted to Hinduism. ritual was done in Bali. below is the conversation between him (Altin) and one of the senior in one of the Hindu Forums in Bali. please take a look.Also western and indonesian people revert in good numbers at this temple in Bali.

    Saya : God morning sir, what do you do...?
    ALTIN : i am fine, oh ya i want to get Hindu ceremony ...can you help me..?
    SAYA : Of course if you are serious
    ALTIN : Yes seroiusly to be Hindu...
    SAYA : Really...? Tomorrow we will do the Hindu ceremony ( sudi widani) , for of ones who want to back to be Hindu..if you want, you can joint it
    ALTIN : I Wait it long time to do it...i have been in Bali since 2 months ago, after my feet touch the Bali Island i got very different atmosphere so i asked my friends regarding it...they said Bali most of the people are HINDU , it looked very nice, so i am interested to be Hindu...n every day to day i went to the temple for praying i am enjoy it
    SAYA : do you interested to be Hindu by your self or influence it by some one...??
    ALTIN : NO NO it come from my heart, no body influence it...due to The Hindu religion was very calm, peace n accept all of it created, i like it...
    SAYA : ok tomorrow 05 july 13 we do it, pls come to priest house near the Kuta Square at 07.00..
    ALTIN : OKEY how much i pay for it....? Included the certificate from PHDI..?
    SAya : You should pay just only for offering n Phdi Administration...
    ALTIN : OH I see .i will come on tine to the priest more thank you very much for the YJHN FOR helping me to be Hindu
    SAYA : YOU ARE welcone

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