An Open Letter to Aamir Khan by an 8 Year Old Kid from Muzaffarnagar

Discussion in 'India' started by Ignorant, Dec 16, 2015.

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    Hello Aamir Uncle. 2 days ago, a mob of 1,00,000 (one Lakh) people with beard and skullcaps gathered near my house. I could see them through my window. They were shouting- Maar do, kaat do, jala do, Gustakh e Rasul ki Saza Sir tan se juda, kill Kamlesh Tiwari etc.

    Uncle uncle, this was horrific. I couldn’t eat or sleep for two days. I do not feel safe going out since then. Please tell these people that Islam means peace and punishment of a statement can’t be ‘Sir tan se juda’. Tell them that if you can comment on Ram and Krishan Bhagvan in PK, others can comment on prophet.

    Since you are a social activist, reformer, fighter of truth (Satyamev Jayate) and champion of tolerance, I am writing to you. Please save me. Please make these 1,00,000 goons who threatened me with their aggression and illegal acts on street in broad day light apologize to me.

    Waiting for you Aamir Uncle, counting days



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