Anandeshwar Temple in Kanpur.

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    Anandeshwar Mandir situated at Parmat in Civil Lines in Kanpur in Uttar Pradesh is a renowned Shiva Temple in the area. The Shivling adored in the sanctuary showed up all alone. Many ringers and the uncommon 12 window principle door make the sanctuary novel. The present structure of the sanctuary was manufactured amid eighteenth century.

    Legend has it that a Cow named Anandi used to shed its milk at a specific spot. The proprietor of the bovine one day found this action and soon found that the dairy animals was shedding milk on a Shivling.

    Individuals attempted to move the Shivling to a superior place however they couldn't discover the end of the Shivling following a few hours of burrowing. At that point they assembled a little sanctuary and began venerating the Shivling.

    There are murtis of a few Hindu divine beings in the sanctuary including Ganesha, Annapurna, Kartik, Kaal Bhairav, Kali and Goddess Parvati.

    The primary Shivling in the sanctuary is north-bound. Gangajal continually falls on the Shivling from a silver pitcher tied on the roof.

    About 300,000 enthusiasts visit the holy place amid the Shravan month to offer water.

    The most vital celebration in the sanctuary is the Mahashivratri.

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