Anti-Hindu Face of Indian Media

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    उन लोगो के लिए जिनहे मीडिया मे 100% सच्चाई दिखाई देती है ....
    1. Are you aware that according to KPS Gill some of the NGOs or even media organisations were actually front offices for terrorist groups? He says there is a nexus between some of the terrorist outfits parading as NGOs and human rights group.
    2. When Taliban demolished the Buddha statue in Afghanistan, Times of India wrote that it was in reaction to the demolition of Babri mosque. Do you agree to this justification by TOI? Is tit- for-tat OK? Then why do you criticize Gujarat riots in reaction to Godhra carnage?
    3. Killing of peaceful Hindus in Pakistan, Bangladesh or even in India is not taken seriously by media, by government or by various political parties or by Human Rights industry in India. Why? Do they fear only violence?
    4. Times of India wrote an editorial justifying the infiltration of Bangladeshis into India (TOI 29th July 2004). Can you imagine New York Times or Washington Post justifying infiltration into USA/UK. Please think - what could be TOI's compulsions.
    5. In the last civic elections in Gujarat, BJP got a sweeping victory in all bodies. But most of the English media blacked out this news. Why are they biased in reporting news?
    6. Gujarat riots in 2002 were described by perverted secularists and the media as pogrom, holocaust, genocide, etc. although 40,000 Hindus too had taken shelter in Relief Camps and 254 Hindus killed in police firing. But what the West Bengal Govt. did in Nandigram was pogrom. But our secularists are deafeningly silent on this
    7. During the Babri demolition in December 1992, when a few journalists were manhandled by the agitators, the secular gang demanded the public hanging of the BJP leaders. But when many journalists were attacked in Nandigram (WB), the secular gang is silent. The media too plays down the incident. Have they suddenly lost courage?
    8. Porn artist MF Hussain's nude paintings of Hindu Gods and Goddesses are being defended by our secularists and the media. But Francois Gautier's paintings of Aurangzeb as per his (Aurangzeb's) own record, are opposed by them. What type of Freedom of ex-pression they clamour for?
    9. When an Exhibition in Baroda University, depicting Hindu Gods and Goddesses in the nude was objected to by Hindus, the whole media went crazy and accused them of moral policing. But when Francois Gaugier's paintings of Aurangzeb exhibited in Chennai was opposed and subsequently closed by Muslim fanatics, the media did not even report the incident. Are they (the media) in the pay roll of Muslims?
    10. "On merit, you have no case at all. That is why you want to pressurise the court through the media ... Genuine social workers do not go to the media. You just want cheap publicity:" said Gujarat High Court on 9th Dec. 2007 to Teesta Stealvad. Does she need any more certificate?
    11. Arundhati Roy says "India is one of the leading experts in occupation" and has occupied Jammu & Kashmir and the North- eastern states. She further says that India is not one single nation. Leave alone kicking her out of the country (that is for Taslima Nasreen), she is treated as an intellectual and conscience keeper by the media and the `secularists'! No doubt, she gets many Awards from foreign countries.
    12. Two policemen were lynched by Muslims in Bhiwandi, near Mumbai in July 2006. None of the English media published this news, except for namesake. The wives and children of those slain policemen also did not find any place in any English papers. But look at the prominence they give for 2nd, 3rd or 4th marriages of some stars! Is this the respect the English press has for our guardians of law?
    13. In Villupuram (TN), a minor Muslim girl was tonsured by a group of Muslims, on June 11, 2006, for falling in love with a Hindu boy at Kallakurichi village, although the girl's entire family agreed to the marriage. But the media did not condemn this moral policing by Muslims, as they do in the case of Hindus. Is the media, which boasts of bold journalism, afraid of Muslims?
    14. Exactly as in Pakistan, in J&K too Hindu temples are being sold in an illegal way. The Kashmiri Pandit Sangarsh Samiti has filed a PIL in the Supreme Court, to save a Shiva temple opposite the Metrological Department in Jammu, said to be around 1,200 years old and worth Rs.300 crores, being sold to an influential Muslim family under pressure from govt. officials. The national media is not interested in the story while the local Muslim-majority media does not care
    15. NDTV canvassed support for awarding Bharat Ratna for porno artist and pervert MF Hussain, who drew obscene pictures of Hindu Deities and Bharat Mata. Bharat Ratna for a porno artist who caricatured Bharat Mata in nude! A well deserved reward, according to NDTV, isn't it?
    16. Media `intellectual' Karan Thapar desired for the `sudden removal' of Narendra Modi (Article in HT of 29th Dec. 2007). If this is not a voicing of his wish that Modi be assassinated, what it is? He sounds like a Taliban criminal, not like a journalist at all. Has the media itself now become a mouthpiece for terror and against the rule of democracy?
    17. When Swami Laxmanananda Saraswati, a selfless Hindu seer working in Kandhamal (Orissa) was attacked and injured by Christians, media blacked out the news. When Hindus retaliated by burning a few Churches, the media took note of the incident. Yes, the media reports only when minorities are attacked. When Hindus are at the receiving end, it is against Secular Dharm to report it.
    18. When churches in Kandhamal were attacked by Hindus and the media was forced to report the incident, NDTV reported the news with a picture of a burning cross. The anchor said "the vehicle of Swami Lakshmanananda was attacked" but did not mention who attacked it. The report contained all lies and half-truths. One is surprised whether it is a news programme or a propaganda film paid for by missionaries!
    19. When Narendra Modi walked out of a TV interview, a lot of hue and cry was made by the media which tried to demonise him. But when P. Chidambaram, Finance Minister, walked out of a Live TV chat with CNN-IBN, not even a murmur was made. Is it because the Channel did not want to rub the finance minister because of its pending proposals before the FM? Double-standards or self-interest?
    20. In April 2007, the entire British media highlighted as to how Hindu girls in England are being targetted by Muslims. The British press was widely reporting this issue. But the entire Indian media was silent on this. Is it against their `secular' Dharma to report such news, because Hindus are the victims?
    21. When Sushma Swaraj as I&B Minister protested about FTV, the media shouted `stop moral policing'. Now Priya Ranjan Dasmunshi bans FTV and the media and other "Rights Activists" are no where to be seen. Why do they pounce on NDA, but become mute for Congress?
    22. When Sushma Swaraj as I&B Minister protested about FTV, the media shouted `stop moral policing'. Now Priya Ranjan Dasmunshi bans FTV and the media and other "Rights Activists" are no where to be seen. Why do they pounce on NDA, but become mute for Congress?
    23. An article Saffron Demography (Hindu Communalists...) by a JNU man Mohan Rao in Times of India dtd. 20th April 2006 teases Hindus of their vegetarianism whose women, according to the author, are going to non-vegetarian Muslims for sexual satisfaction. He further writes `Ultra-virile Muslim male bodies attract Hindu women'... etc. Is he and ToI not insulting Hindus?
    24. On 15th July 2007 night, Shahjahan Shaikh and Matiyar Rahaman Mollah broke open the door of a Nepali Hindu family in Diamond Harbour, WB. They raped the eldest daughter. When the mother went to save her, they raped the mother too. When the mother went to the police station and returned, she found her younger daughter too raped. (Anandabazar Patrika & TOI, 17th July 2007). Raping a Kafirs is pampered in Islam.

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