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    To bring prosperity into business

    If the customer base is reducing or you feel that somebody has done black magic, do the following ‘totka’- Cut five Yellow Lemons on Sunday & put them into your shop along with a handful of pepper and Yellow mustard seeds. The next Morning when you open the shop, first go to a deserted place away from the shop and burry all these into a pit. The black magic vanishes immediately after doing this experiment.

    To avoid anger

    If your husband gets frequently angry on children, wife, neighbors, and servants on small matters do the following ‘totka’-take the seeds of dried red chilly (the number of seeds should be equal to of your husband’s age). Put these seeds in the fire when he is at home but he should not be aware of it. He should come to know about it later, on his own by the aroma of the burnt seeds. Gradually his anger will calm down.

    For misunderstanding, differences and aversion

    It is a general trend in the family that members loose smooth relationship because of misunderstandings between them. To bring the harmonious relationship do the following ‘totka’- take seven Gomati chakra, seven small Coconuts, seven Moti shankh and yellow cloth. On the occasion of the festival of Holi, just before Holika dahan rotate all these items around the head of the people with whom you have differences and throw it into the fire. While doing this, pray to God- ‘our misunderstanding and differences should also be burnt into the fire’ and come back home without seeing behind.

    To control a stubborn person

    Generally If the person is stubborn, he faces failure in every aspect of his life. The behavior of the person gets affected by the planetary position in the horoscope. To take control of the stubborn nature of the person, one must do the following ‘totka’– Take two chapattis, keep one on the terrace and give the other one to the cow. The person will improve.

    To cast off the evil effects of planets

    Wear pomegranate tree Banda in Jyestha Nakshatra. Date tree Banda if worn after making it sidh in the right arm in Mool Nakshatra, bring relief from the evil effect of the planet. The same way Poorva tree Banda, if worn on the right arm in Poorva Ashad Nakshatra helps to cast off the evil effects caused by the planets.

    If you are worried because of infectious diseases

    Do this totka – take an earthen small pot, and put in it an egg, a ladoo, two coins, &Sindoor and rotate it around the head of the patient. Leave this where the four roads meet (pkSjkgk) at 12 ‘O’ clock midday or during the sun set. The infectious disease will be cured.

    To get the Job

    The person should get a ‘Bada’ (cknk). In an auspicious muhurat make it sidh by doing pooja and offering dhoop deep. Take the advice from some expert astrologer as Moon should be strong and day should be Saturday. Tithi should be 4th (chaturathi), 9th ( Navami), or 14h (chaturdashi) when all these conditions are fulfilled. Get the Peepal Banda on Saturday morning (invite it on the Friday evening itself) and worship it like any other statue of Devata. After Panchopachar pooja this Banda becomes sidh. Wear this (fold it into bhog-patra and make a tabij with red cloth) by doing this, jobless person gets job and ample opportunities come on the way which may make him prosper.

    To Pay off the debt

    In today’s materialistic world 50% of people are under the heavy weight of debt or loan. The more they want to come out, the more they are drown into debt. Each and every one has to take debt for one reason or the other in his life time. Sometime this debt continues generations after generations and it never comes to an end. To get rid of the debt, do the following ‘totka’ – first of all take five rose flowers (Petals intact), take 1¼ meter white cloth, and spread it. With each corner of the cloth tie a rose flower and tie the 5th flower in the center of the cloth. Then immersed this cloth in the flowing water, where Ganga, Yamuna& Sarswati meet (Sangam). By God’s grace you will get out of the debt and prosperity will come in.

    When children become lazy and don’t want to work

    This is a great reason of tension for parents, when the children despite having talent don’t want to do any work. They bunk their classes, waste their time in watching TV, do not do their home work or always want to sleep. In this condition one must do the following ‘totka’ – Get some liquor on Sunday and offer it to Bhairo Temple. Consider the leftover liquor ‘Prasadam’. Rotate this Prasad around the head of the child and donate it or throw it into the root of a Peepal Tree or in a cremation ground. By doing this the child will improve and become active.

    To bring the happiness in the family

    Conflicts, arguments& envy make the environment in the house very unhealthy. To cast off enmity, jealousy or harshness in order to bring happiness in the family, do the following totka. – Take an earthen pot on Sunday and put some coal in it. Put pigeons shit on the lit coal. When it starts smoking, rotate this in all rooms of the house. By doing this, there comes unity and intimacy among the family members.

    To remove the hurdles

    First of all light some agarbatti in front of Lord Ganpati statue before starting any auspicious deed in the family, like – religious work, marriage celebrations, birthday party or any other such things. Trunk of Ganeshji should be worshipped. There will be no hurdles and the auspicious celebration will be performed with joy and gaiety.

    For the good health of the family

    If some member of the family remains sick and you are trying to make him or her disease free, fit and a healthy person, then do the following totka – Make some Yellow chandan paste every morning by rubbing it on the stone and put it on the forehead of that family member. Tell him or her not to rub it. If one wears this tilak after doing some bhajan and mantra Jaap or collective prayer, it works well. This is (Satwik Kriya).

    Going before the interview

    When anyone in the family goes for examination, for interview , to start a new venture or to hold a new post, take some whole green Moong dal and sprinkle it on that person. When that person leaves, sweep the grains and throw them outside. This will bring success to the person.

    What to do when someone puts restrictions

    If any of your relative or sibling is kidnapped or is under the control of negative persons and you are not able to make him or her free despite your efforts, do the following totka – Early in the morning, the moment you get up, stand facing south wards and call 31 times the name of kidnapped person. There will be chances of his or her returning back soon. The person will come back to you.

    For the happy married life of your daughter

    When your married daughter goes to her in-laws house for the first time, do the following totka – fill a ‘Lota’ with water, put some raw turmeric into it and rotate it seven times around your daughter’s head and then throw it outside. She will not face any problem on the way and she will get respect and honour from all the members of her in-laws.

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    Such children who are crying without reason or taking bad dreams should keep a piece of fitkari on any Sunday or Tuesday near child’s head while sleeping

    Some remedies for wining over court litigations

    Sleep in south direction

    Keep Tuesday fast and read Bajrang ban daily for seven times.

    Keep a square silver piece tied in yellow cloth with you.

    SOME REMEDIES for saving one from bad eyes of others

    Take little raw milk on a Saturday or a Sunday and give 7 rounds of it around the affected persons head and after that give that milk to a black dog to drink.

    Take a piece of fitkari and give 21 rounds of it around the affected person. Take it to chauraha and throw it on the south side.

    Take some burning coal in a vessel and put loban powder on it. Let it smell spread through out the house. While doing so do not keep the vessel on the floor, table etc. keep holding it. Throw the burned coal in a place outside the vessel for washing. Do this on Tuesday for three months.

    Tie one red chilli, sindoor, an iron nail and seven grains of black dal in a white cotton cloth and hang it on the bed of the child.

    For transfer

    when anybody wants his transfer from a place, he should take a bath before sunrise and change the cloth. After sunrise he should perform Surya Namaskar and take 21 seeds of red chilly and offer to sun with the prayer of your transfer at a particular place. Repeat this process for three days. You will receive your transfer orders at the earliest. tested

    To control excessive bleeding

    tested- this prescription has been given by a devi saint and has been tested on many ladies during monthly course or otherwise due to tumor etc.

    Sandoz calcium lactate powder, white burnt alum, malathi and majoo phal each of grams be grounded together. Take one dose of teaspoon with curd daily in the morning after breakfast. In case the bleeding is excessive take four times a day.

    Wear ring of ranga metal in second finger to reduce fat in the body. One will be benefited and can become lean. It is also tested

    Lemon and green chilly be servered in a thread and be hung at the door of the shop. This will remove the evil effects of evil eye and sale will boost up. It is tested and common.

    For removal of every trouble

    measure the thread of mauli equal to the length from foot thumb to head. Wrap it on a coconut which contains water. Stand on a river, canal side at the time of sunrise facing east. The coconut be thrown in the water after passing it over your head. This will remove all troubles.

    Shoe of black horse be fixed on the outer entrance of house or be worn as a ring or bracelet. This removes the effects of sadhe-satti or will reduce malefics effects of lord shani.

    Daily recite dashrath shani stotaram with full faith and devotion. It will definitely have reduced effects of sadhe-satti.

    Children who are not good at studies

    Take some water on Sunday and recite mantra Om aan vanyay svaha 21 times and ask the child to drink that water. If child can recite the mantra by himself, then ask him to recite this mantra for 108 times every day.

    Stones or gems can definitely help for growth of children

    To improve spoiled child

    throw silver balls in a river for 25 days.Wear a copper coin threaded in a black thread in neck.

    Some remedies for improvement of relations

    Take 7 flower shaped longs [ cloves] and take the name of the person with whom one wants to improve the relations 21 times and burn one clove on a Sunday. Do this for seven Sundays till the cloves finish. Ladies should avoid doing this on periods.

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