Astro Tips - How to Get the Boy of Your Dreams

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    How to get the guy of your dreams?

    What would you do if the guy of your dreams walks into your life? Not knowing how to get him interested can be such a pain. All your dreams and fantasies go down the drain, when you see him with someone else. There’s nothing worse than losing the guy you know was meant for you to someone else. Fret not, here’s a lowdown on how to get the guy of your dreams to like you.

    Arians are fiery and passionate. Let the Arian know you are interested by dropping in subtle hints. Use his impatient nature to your advantage and keep him hooked. The trick to making an Arian interested in you is to let him chase you rather than you doing all the hard work.

    If you have been trying to get that Taurean’s attention all that you need to do is be original. Taureans do not like fakeness in any form and being pretentious will only get the guy you have been longing to get together with run away. Wait and let your affection grow on him, once he realizes the meaning of your gestures there is no way he will ignore you.

    Ok, so the Gemini guy is driving you crazy, no matter how hard you try, he just doesn’t understand. Don’t be distraught, all you need to do to impress the intelligent twin is to confuse him, get his brain working and he’ll be running after you, for nothing gets the attention of a Gemini than an intelligent woman. After all, he does need someone to have his intelligent conversations with.

    Got the hots for the guy who is always so nice and caring, always eager to help others? Bet he is a Cancerian, who else could he be? They are sensitive, caring and the perfect guys to take to meet your parents. Unlike the Geminis, Cancerians aren’t commitment phobic. Let the Cancerian know that you want to be with him till the end of time and he’ll be more than happy to oblige.

    In love with the guy who makes heads turn and heart beats racing wherever he goes? Well he probably is a Leo, so you better prepare yourself, because being the queen to the king of the jungle is not easy. With a Leo remember you will be the one donning the supporting role in his life, where he is the hero, but of course you will never regret, for he will shower you with love and will be there for you when you’ll need him the most. Show him that you are worthy of him, dress sharply, be confident and yes compliment him whenever you can.

    The Virgo guy is one tough nut to crack. He is always so shy, so into himself. Remember, don’t get too chatty or you’ll scare him away. Virgos despise useless banter but they do crave for intellectually stimulating conversations. Dig into his comfort zone by being spontaneous and simple. Falling in love at first sight is not something that Virgos believe in but love is something they definitely believe in. They’ll be caring and protective and will never let you feel lonely. Last, a word of caution-never play mind games with a Virgo; he might just never talk to you again.

    If a Libran has laughed his way into your heart, you need to brace up yourself for a joyride. Librans are often the life of the party and the most charming of all sun signs. Venus-the planet of love and beauty rules Libra so always remember to dress up like a diva and a little make up does help. Remember, the Libran would want to flaunt you to his friends and thus, you have to win the hearts of his close friends because their opinion matters a great deal to the Libran.

    You know you’ve been ensnared by the hypnotic gaze of the Scorpio when you can’t help thinking about him all day long. Never in your wildest imagination would you have thought of a person who could be so magnetic. He is all that you wanted in your dreams and much more. Getting his attention is not very difficult; all you need to do is be bold and confident in your approach. Don’t wait for him to take initiative; if you are really interested do not hesitate to ask him out.

    Planning to ask out the Sagittarius guy, well you are right on track. Sagittarians crave for excitement in life and anybody who shares their zest for life is right up their alley. He will love you for who you are and always give you your own space in the relationship. The Sagittarian guy will perfectly play the part of your best friend and will always encourage you in whatever activity you undertake.

    Cannot resist thinking about that Capricorn who walks around with an air of authority? It’s time for some hard work. He’ll make you work hard, very hard indeed. It may take months to get the Capricorn man to just talk to you. PDA’s are strictly not for the goats. That said, they aren’t boring and the strangest part is that they can be great fun once you get their attention. They’ll go to great lengths to keep you entertained and happy. Here’s letting you on a secret - underneath those covers of conservativeness is an incurable romantic who yearns for love just like everybody else.

    With an Aquarian it is important to stay relaxed and not come too strong. Don’t give him too much attention, or he’ll run away. Once you’ve got his attention, time spent with an Aquarian will be amazing. He will fill you in with all the information in the world; they are spontaneous and great fun to be with. They flirt a lot but don’t worry, the Aquarian will let you know when he’s really into you.

    If it is a Piscean who has captivated you, you sure are going to have a lot of fun with him. They are always on the lookout for a soulmate. If you intend to seduce a Piscean man let him know that you very well could be the one for him. Since most of them happen to be extremely shy it wouldn’t hurt to take initiative and ask him out first.

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