Astrology Tips For Success

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    If you are a student, a working women/men, a house wife; you surely want your life to be successful. In astrology it is possible to avoid misfortune and bring all luck in your life. you just need to follow some simple tips in day to day life and wait for the lady luck smile at you.

    Eating something sweet and drinking some water after eating food will bring coolness to the mind and thus make it hard to lose reputation.

    Drying the nose and drinking two sips of water before starting any kind of work ensures success and resolution.

    If everyone in the house is coming down with sickness, donate a full hollow yellow pumpkin to any religious place in the daytime and everyone will start to be better in three days.

    Donating sweet biscuits to birds in the morning helps stop good income being wasted for no reason.

    If someone is suffering from stress or a headache, then advise them to put a glass of water somewhere near their head while they are sleeping. In the morning, they should not drink the water, but instead pour it out at the base of a tree. Then their worries will vanish.

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