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    Astrology is an ancient science. It shows the fate of a person in the context of the Universe, Cosmos and Creation as a whole. The unity of man and world is quite evident through the prism of astrology while man is seen as microcosm within macrocosm. The biggest and the smallest turn out equal in this wonderful Universe. The life of man is written in the language of stars in the endless sky.

    Astrology offers a number of variants of the analysis and the synthesis of an individuals life and fate.

    1. Natal Chart
    This type of chart is made up for the time and place of an individuals birth. The natal chart shows:

    a) the complete batch of programs (an individuals conditioning and patterns) in all spheres of life that form in early childhood and determine the entire future

    b) main patterns of a persons psyche and behavior which as a rule have cyclic character; the analysis of the cycles

    c) karmic conditions ( an individuals positive and negative karma, genetic karma, group karma, a persons karmic task for this reincarnation, karmic cycles)

    d) type of experience a person is likely to have in different periods of her/his life in such spheres as her/his individuation, business, learning and acquiring information, her/his ancestral programs, living conditions, real estate, her/his relationship with children and the type of creativity and love affairs, the type of diseases she or he is likely to have and the type of everyday work, the type of marriage and business partner, a persons most likely dangerous and critical situations, sometimes connected with death and inherited property, a persons paranormal abilities, a persons world outlook, religion and relationship with God, her/his far travels and connections with abroad, a persons career, social position, and end goal, a person connection with various informal groups, politics and friends, a persons subconscious programs, type of solitude and isolation she/he is likely to experience, forms of meditation and ways of getting altered states of consciousness, etc.

    e) a persons spiritual development potentialities and ways of realizing them, stages of this development

    2. Solar Chart
    This type of chart is made up for this or that particular year of a persons life and shows her/his programs most manifest in the period and time of certain events

    3. Synastry Chart
    This type of chart shows the type of a persons connection and relationship with another person or several other persons ( marriage, business partnership, friendship, teacher pupil relationship, etc.)

    4. Transits Chart
    This type of chart shows the way cosmic energy influences certain events in a particular period of a persons life
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