Ayodhya Ram Mandir History - A Reality

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    Archaeological digs revealed the full enormity of the Ram Temple beneath


    1) It had temple at three levels. The top most temple had huge pillars which were demolished deliberately with sharp objects- which means it was demolished, not fell with time.

    2) These pillars and rest of the structure was laid to rubble and used to make the base and floor of the Mosque that Babar built.

    3) No new material was used to make the mosque , the idols and pillars and bricks of the temple itself were used.

    4) No foundation was laid for the mosque as Temple foundation was already there.

    5) The excavation was able to retrieve old artefacts in the temple like idols of deities as well as some animals. Idols are forbidden in Islam, thus adding weight to the argument that it always was a Sanatan temple.

    6) Even the entire 'vastu', or the architecture, was that of a typical Hindu temple.

    However, the petitioners against the temple refused to accept all this evidence. The reason behind their apprehension was the fact that this may well lead to scrutiny of atleast 2000 other

    major temples (if thousands of minor ones are let go) which were demolished in a similar fashion with mosques built atop them.

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