Ayurvedic Treatment of HIV Aids

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    Ayurvedic Treatment of HIV Aids

    Ayurvedic practitioner Dr G. Shanthakumar, based in Mumbai, India, claims that ayurveda identified AIDS over 2,000 years ago.
    The ancient malady was termed Rajayakshma (the king of diseases) and its symptoms were identical to AIDS going by the descriptions of Vagbhata in Ashtanga Hridayam (Chikitsitam section) and its supplementary text, the Ashtanga Sangraham, as well as in another ayurvedic classic, Charaka Samhita (Nidanam section).

    The major symptoms are:

    (1) drastic loss of weight
    (2) fatigue and lethargy
    (3) susceptibility to allergies and contagious diseases
    (4) skin irritations
    (5) bronchial disorders, often leading to tuberculosis of the lungs
    (6) damage to intestinal flora resulting in diarrhoea, dysentery, gastritis and
    (7) wide fluctuations in body temperature.

    Significantly, the root causes of this disease are:

    (1) unhygienic sexual practices such as anal intercourse
    (2) indiscriminate intercourse with multiple partners
    (3) not cleaning the genitals after coitus
    (4) washing the body with contaminated or dirty water
    (5) bestiality
    (6) contaminated blood.

    Despite this, whether AIDS and Rajayakshma are the same disease is a contentious issue. Dr Shanthakumar, however, believes they are and says the treatment used for Rajayakshma can be applied fruitfully in the war against HIV/AIDS.

    Initially, the patient is given tonics and rejuvenators (Rasayanams) to boost immunity levels. Subsequently, select medicines to counter the virus are administered. Ajamamsa Rasayanam (prepared from cow`s milk, ghee and an extract of goat`s meat) and Indukantham Ghritham are given to strengthen the system and stimulate appetite.

    Later, Rasasindoor (prepared with purified mercury) is applied along with some medicines that impart strength. "This treatment regimen is followed for six months and usually shows good results, depending on the severity of the case and associated parameters," says Dr Shanthakumar. The success could be provisional, though. The virus may continue to lurk in the body, but it is unable to do further damage because of the bolstered immune response. The individual may then live out his normal life span.

    If the patient begins to recover, shodhana (elimination) techniques are used to expel toxins from the body through enemas, purgation and emesis. The medications administered at this stage are not hard, hot or drastic, but soft, ghee-based and eco-friendly so that the patient withstands them with ease. As overall immunity improves, the blood is purified with cooling medications.

    Once the blood has been purified, a strengthening, non-vegetarian diet along with ghee preparations and soups is recommended. But spicy, oily and acidic foods are to be avoided. A little alcohol is recommended as anupana (carrier) to aid the digestive process, and also remove blockages in the blood vessels, i.e. srothorodham.

    The patient is bathed twice or thrice a day with cold water, followed by applications of sandalwood paste on the body. The baths cool the body and blood while sandalwood purifies by penetrating the follicles.

    "Heated blood is also said to weaken, and even destroy, the virus in some cases. If the patient is incapable of exercising or running due to weakness, then steaming (swedanam) is recommended," Dr Shanthakumar discloses.

    The Healed Ones

    Dr Shanthakumar first treated an AIDS victim in 1992: "About eight years ago, an AIDS patient met me. I applied the ayurvedic therapy keeping his symptoms in mind. He would collapse with high temperature once a week, though he did not harbor malarial parasites. After a month`s treatment, the fever and shivering subsided. After three months, his weight increased from 43 kg to 48 kg. After ten months, he tested negative for HIV.

    "I then became confident about treating AIDS. Through my first patient, two others came to me and were both equally successful. But I never cure. I simply assure a longer lifespan with a constitution and metabolism that functions as close to normal as possible. Out of the 64 patients I have treated in the past eight years, 43 are leading healthy, normal lives. Of course, three of my patients died, possibly because they had reached the last stage."


    ayurvedic medicines tat help against fighting Aids
    The following are some of the ayurvedic medicines that improve and help in making progress for the AIDS patients:

    ◦Sookshma triphala tablets.

    Raktavardhak helps in building the immunity of the patient and making it strong and resistant.

    The functions of the sookshma triphala tablets are fight against the infections present in the body of the AIDS patient.

    The most important, effective and popular ayurvedic remedy for AIDS is chyavanprash.
    It acts as a toxin and thus makes the patients immune system strong and rejuvenate it.Chyavanprash is made of amalaki or goose berry which supplies a lot of vitamin c to the body. It also supplies anti oxidants like bioflavonoid, vitamin B complex and vitamin A.A special characteristic of this fruit, amalaki is that it is antifungal and anti bacterial, therefore it helps in digestion and also lowers the blood pressure and high cholesterol. The other useful effects of amalaki, present in chyavanprash is that it helps in repairing the muscles and improves the skin also. Apart from amalaki chyavanprash has other essential ingredients like 35 herbs. Therefore all the ingredients of chyavanprash make it a powerful remedy towards fighting a dreadful disease like Aids. It is not very difficult find chyavanprash as it is available in most local medical stores. Therefore if we sum up the qualities of chyavanprash, we see that it helps in the various systems of our body like digestive, respiratory and sexual systems.

    AIDS | Natural Cure | AIDS Ayurvedic Remedies
    According to the modern concept AIDS stands for Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome. It is caused the virus, Human Immune Deficiency Virus, HIV. It is a set of disease that destroys an individual immune system.

    However according to the ayurvedic perspective, AIDS is related to loss of energy. This disease results in weakening of:

    •Blood cells
    •Muscular tissue
    •Adipose tissue
    •Bony tissue
    •Bone marrow
    •Reproductive tissue.
    According to ayurvedic studies, the person suffering from AIDS is likely to have the following symptoms:

    •Prolonged fever
    •Skin irritations
    •Contagious disease
    •Loss of appetite
    •Loss of weight
    •Prone to allergies

    Ayurvedic Treatment
    Ayurvedic treatment has proved to be quite beneficial without any side effects.Following are the various ayurvedic treatments against AIDS:

    •To improve the patient’s immunity strength they are given toxins and rejuvenator. The toxins develop the patient’s immune systems and motivate the appetite.
    •Blood is also purified in various ways, with the help of different medicines.
    •Corrective measures are adopted towards improving the conditions of liver.
    •Ayurveda recommends diet with ghee. It asks you to avoid food with spice and oily.
    •Ghee is recommended in the diet of the AIDS patients by ayurveda because it helps to eject or drive out the toxins from the body through enemas, purgation and emesis.
    •Moderate intake of alcohol is recommended since alcohol has positive effects in removing blockages and helping smooth flow of blood.
    •Ayurvedic treatment asks the AIDS patients to do vigorous exercise. Heavy exercise heats up the blood and this helps in fighting against the viruses, sometimes viruses even get destroyed by the heated blood.
    •Preparing herbo-minerals compounds following certain formulae can improve the conditions of AIDS patients.


    some more info
    Not many people prefer to use antibiotics or strong medicines for treating their ailments these days.
    A more preferred way is to go in for ayurvedic treatments, which normally do not show any side effects and cure way too fast.

    Some of the frequently recommended ayurvedic treatments for curing AIDS are:

    The use of rejuvenators help to strengthen the immune system of the patient and also motivate their appetite.
    Measures are taken to improve the condition of the lever.
    AIDS patients are recommended to have more of ghee in their diet, as these help in driving away toxins of the body through enemas, purgation and emesis.
    Another thing which the AIDS patients are frequently recommended to intake is alcohol. Alcohol is known to remove blockages if any and help in the smooth passage of blood.
    It is advisable for the AIDS patients to practice vigorous exercise since, this causes the blood to heat up, which helps in fighting against viruses and often destroys them.

    AIDS patients can also take the help of herbo-mineral compounds, prepared using special formulas.

    Besides these common ayurvedic treatments, there are some medicines also that are usually recommended for the AIDS patients like, Chyavanprash, Raktavardhak, Sookshma Triphala tablets, etc.


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