Beans or Lentils: Trustworthy Vegetarian Protein Source

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    As a vegetarian, avoiding meat is the main idea and opens the issue of protein source. Fortunately, nature provides one of the good sources which are beans or lentils. Somehow, many people have erased this from their list for a few reasons that they assume that beans, while good for vegetarians do not have much protein to offer, take way too long to cook and produce gas problems.

    Indeed it takes too long to cook. Let us be practical and learn from outdoor campers. Soak first in hot or lukewarm water for 30 minutes to an hour before cooking. This hasten the cooking time. Some, like kidney beans, are really hard and pressure cooking is the best solution. Canned beans are also ready to buy anytime. Just make sure to put them in a strainer and rinse with cool running water to wash the salt away.

    It is true that beans can cause gas but it does not mean that we should avoid them just because of that. There are suggestions that eating them regularly in small servings until your body gets comfortable will help a lot. Some people, also, said that pressure cooking decreases the problem. Some, also, said that canned or mashed beans reduce gas producing qualities. On which way is the best, you have to try it yourself.

    Now, the most important issue is the protein content. Let us make things clear first; beans are not only for vegetarians. The fact it is regarded as the poor man's meat because they offer an outstanding supply of protein. Also, due to ailments connected with meat, people are now getting wiser and starting to realize the value in the modest bean. This is also one of the most economical sources of protein.

    The idea that protein from beans is not enough compared to meat is totally outdated. It is true that some lack the amino acids required but soybeans is an exception. Studies show that soybeans contain the needed protein for our bodies. For the rest, there are common foods that can complement to produce the exact result. These are nuts, dairy, and grains. There might be more and to eat them together will suffice.

    Another important fact, human bodies need calcium for protein absorption. There is acidic reaction when we eat meat and causes higher calcium loss. On the other hand, studies show protein from plants has lesser effect. Moreover, lentils contain vitamins and minerals that are known to be bone-friendly like Vitamin B-complex and folic acid. They are, also, a good source of fiber while meat has none.

    Out from the facts presented, what loss is there for us if we choose beans over meat? Hmm, we gain good health and happy lives.
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    There is a plethora of Indian lentils and beans not known well in the west. Some cook really quickly while others take much longer. A decent Indian import store will stock most of them. Here's a basic guide.
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