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    With the help of Vaastu shastra, you may find out the most appropriate directions for the various components in a ideal household including. The objective of Vastu shastra is to achieve a perfect balance in between human being and nature.
    In India, Vasthu Shastra is considered a sacred science which helps the peoples to live a stress-free life. According to Vasthu for House, each direction has its own unique characteristics that get impact to the various rooms of the house including bed room. Relying on Vastu for house to living in perfect harmony and keeping problems away, is even more important for the master bed room, where one tries to escape from the worries of the world and to have a tension-free sleep.

    Thus, bedrooms also a important Vastu characteristics to ensure harmony in the house.
    Vaastu is a precious compilation of concepts and ideas which consider the affects on human life and dwellings of various natural phenomena such as:


    1. Earth’s gravitational force
    2. Sun’s heat, light and infra-red radiation
    3. Rainfall with Volume and intensity
    4. Direction and velocity of wind

    Bed room
    • The master bedroom should be constructed in the south-west direction.
    • For peace and prosperity ensure the shape of bedroom must be in squire and rectangle.
    • Should not place the bed below a beam.
    • Avoid hanging the pictures of depict violence or sorrow.
    • Always sleep with your head towards South.
    Vaastu Shastra does not recommend a master bedroom in the South East under any circumstances. It is better to shift bed room in the South West, South, West or North West region. In case you have no alternative, at least keep the bed away from the southeast corner otherwise you are sleeping on too much fire. Sleep in master bed room with head towards the South and feet towards the North. The South brings a good deep sleep with long life, while the East brings enlightenment. Please take care of there should not any window behind you, while sleeping.
    As per Vaastu Shastra construct attached bathrooms towards the West, North or north West of the bedroom. The door of attached bathroom keep closed always.
    According to bedroom vastu principles , mirrors should not be placed in the bedroom as this will give you to frequent misunderstandings and quarrels between couples. However, if essential, keep it in preferably at the North East wall.

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