Bermuda Triangle Mystery revealed in Rig Veda

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    Although there is a similar demon described in first ever poem, Ramayana, it does not match with the geographical location.
    Simhika, the gigantic demon had the power to attract anything’s shadow flying over ocean and pull it into the waters.However, that was on the way to Lanka.

    Brahmanda Purana (composed more than 5000 years ago) and Rig Veda (written more than 23000 years ago) clearly state that the planet Mars was born our of Earth.That is why he is called as Bhauma (‘son of Bhumi’) or Kuja (Ku = Earth + Ja = Born out of ) in Sanskrit. Asya Vamasya Sukta in Rig Veda states :”When Earth gave birth to Mars, and Mars separated from his mother, her thigh got injured and she became imbalanced (Earth rotated in its axis) and to stop it Godly doctors, Aswini Kumars poured iron into the triangular shaped injury and Earth got fixed in her current position.That is why Earth’s axis is bent at a particular angle. ”

    That triangular shaped injury on our planet which was filled with iron went onto become Bermuda Triangle.Iron stored inside earth for years becomes natural magnet and Bermuda disappearances, fog, high and low temperature water streams colliding are a result of this.

    Moon was also born out of churning of milky ocean and when it rocketed out from Earth at latitude of about 23½ a huge bump created by its ejection came in line with Sun.So, Earth has tilted axis at 23½
    Modern science could not explain this phenomenon and also the strange coincidence that Earth is titled at 23½ degrees and Bermuda Triangle is also at 23½ !!

    Bermuda Triangle Mystery revealed in Atharva Veda
    Atharva Veda has description of several gems. One of them is Darbha gem, which is described in Sukta 28, 29 & 30, by Darbha gem. So, electro-magnetic waves going from wireless system or coming to system are disturbed and wireless system fails.
    Darbha gem is like a very short form of neutron star, which has high density.
    Similarly, Darbha gem also has high density so there is high gravitation due to Darbha gem. There is emission of high energetic electro-magnetic waves due to Darbha gem, probably due to nuclear reactions happening in it. Intensities of electric & magnetic field associated with electro-magnetic waves are very high.
    This gem could be a powerful and dangerous weapon.

    Khanda 19 of Atharva Veda, Mantra 4 of Sukta 28, states : “As the Sun brings down clouds on earth in the same way oh! Darbha gem you fall down the rising enemies.
    It means that there is gravitational force due to Darbha gem inside water.
    Mantra 5 of Sukta 29, says, “As the curd is stirred in the same way oh! Darbha gem you stir enemies.
    It means to stir the bodies is a property of Darbha gem.
    In Mantra 7 of Sukta 29, says, “to burn the bodies”;
    It means there is emission of high energetic rays like laser rays by Darbha gem, which destroy bodies.

    So properties of Darbha gem are:
    1) High gravitational field.
    2) Stir bodies coming near to it.
    3) Emission of high energetic rays.

    All these properties of Darbha gem, explain the phenomena of Bermuda Triangle.

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