Best online dictionary for Saṃskṛtam?

Discussion in 'Research on Hinduism' started by deafAncient, May 15, 2015.

  1. deafAncient

    deafAncient New Member

    Namaskāra to all. I've taken on a big project for someone, and I'm in need of the best online dictionaries for Saṃskṛtam. I need to have accuracy as much as possible for editing a book that probably runs to 2,000 pages, if not more (haven't seen the book yet, but have decided to take it on).

  2. Hindu

    Hindu Member Staff Member looks good and can work as per your requirement.
    i hope it works for you
  3. deafAncient

    deafAncient New Member

    Thanks, but it's not enough. There are many words not available on that web site as well as many others.
  4. Ignorant

    Ignorant New Member

    Try seeking help from Sidhant kamodi or take this course from RSS for Sanskrit bharati which is the best online option.

    There are not much online course for a language and if there are they have been manipulated by the whites, most of the courses are thought in Roman, English etc such language but never been thought in Sanskrit language. Even a PHD in Sanskrit won't be able to construct a sentence in Sanskrit...there are few teachers who teaches Sanskrit in traditional way which would help to learn, even those teachers would teach only the basic. If you are from mumbai I know one teacher who teaches Sanskrit in traditional way free of charge on every Sunday at her place.
  5. deafAncient

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    Thanks. Unfortunately, I'm in Texas USA. Not likely to find one, huh?
  6. garry420

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    Let me give it a try, I will ask my friends about it..
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