Bhisham Panchak Fast

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    This fast is undertaken in Kartik Shukl Ekadashi. Just like Bhisham Pitamaha’s vow not to marry, this fast known as Bhisham Panchak is a very hard one. It lasts for four days from Kartik Shukl Ekadashi (11th day) to the purnima (15th day). This fast is undertaken to get rid of sins committed and for becoming religious, prosperous, progressive in business and for ultimate salvation. In these days of fast, worship is done in front of an altar with four doors. The wording “Aum Nameh Bhagvade Vasudvaye” viz. I salute the great God Vasudeva (k’rsna). A light is lit in front of the altar for all five days (11-15th), Havana (fire sacrifice) is done every day. By sacrificing anger, sex, greed, etc., one should observe abstinence, kindness, pardon and generosity. Different kinds of flowers: lotus; Bel leaves, Ketki flowers, Chameli flowers and finally by Tulsi sprouts, are used for worship on five days of the fast.
    Sri k’rsna (vasu deva) has described this fast as the destroyer of all sins and awardee of imperishable results of bliss. In the Mahabharata, when Bhisham pitamaha, lying on the bed of arrows, was waiting for last breath, to be breathed out at sunset, K’rsna along with five pandav brothers went to see him. On an opportune moment, Yudhistra (the eldest Pandav brother) requested Bhisham for some advice. Then bhisham gave a discourse on the importance of King’s duties, policies, castes and salvation. K’rsna contented with his lesson said, “pitamaha, the sermon you gave, during Kartik Shukl Ekadashi to Purnima has pleased me much. So i give his fast a name after you viz.: Bhisam Panchak.”

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