Buying New Car, Choose Colour According to Sunsign

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    Yes, Obviously its every ones dream to have a Car, in his portico. So while planning to purchase a new four wheeler, choose the colour of your vehicle according to your zodiac sign what they suggest. Colour selection as per the zodiac sign can bring fortune for you definitely.

    Here are the favorable Colors of Zodiac signs (Astrosigns) for your Car

    Aries – Red or Maroon colour will be the best for Ariens
    Taurus – White or Silver will bring Fortune
    Gemini – Green or Black colour is beneficial
    Cancer – White, Silver or Cream colour will bring brightness
    Leo – Red, Maroon or chocolate colour is Suitable
    Virgo – Green, Black or Grey colour will more Beneficial
    Libra – White or Silver colour will bring brightness
    Scorpio – Red, Maroon or Chocolaty colour will bring Fortune
    Sagittarius –Yellow, cream or white Colour will more Beneficial
    Capricorn – Black, blue and Brown Colour will more Perfect
    Aquarius – Black or royal blue colour will more Beneficial
    Pisces – Yellow, white or cream color bring Fortune

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