Characteristics and Qualities based on Zodiac Signs

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    Aries Characteristics
    Aries is the first sign of the Zodiac - the beginning of the twelve signs in Astrology.

    The astrological symbol for Aries is the Ram - especially the Ram's horns. This should give us our first clue to the Arian personality - agressive; the one who charges into things; the pioneer; the impulsive, enterprising individual who, like the Ram, plows into things "head first."

    The Arian appears constantly in motion, continually active, with bounds of energy, as they go venturing into new projects and uncovering new horizons. But alas, they leap into projects so enthusiastically, that they seldom stick with them long enough to complete them -- they get too bored halfway through and as others complete the task they have initatiated, they go head first into new avenues.

    Taurus Characteristics
    Taurus, second sign of the Zodiac, is traditionally associated with money and security, comfort and amiability. Taurus is considered to be a most practical sign concerned with accumulation and retention of material possessions. While other signs may pursue life's dangers, Taurus pursues its pleasures and satisfactions.

    Represented by the astrological symbol of the Bull, strong and powerful; this is the Bull who would prefer to graze rather than to hunt, to enjoy life. But, like the Bull, once alerted -- once the flag is waved -- his attention caught -- this sign, this Bull can be a tremendous force of strength capable of accomplishing great feats -- as well as destruction. When charging in a Bull like rage, there is no going back with sign. This is one sign that does not forget easily. However, beneath the strength and stability that is projected is to be found a most sensitive and emotional individual.

    Gemini Characteristics
    Gemini is the third sign of the Zodiac, one of the most curious and alert, communicative and restless of all the signs. The traditional symbol for this sign is that of the Twins, expressing the duality in Gemini's nature. A sign of extremes, both in life and within their personality. At one time overly generous and at another so frugal they squeak. A sign that demonstrates amazing courage and daring and then confuse you with an attack of timidity and shyness. Gemini is an extremely progressive sign at moments, and then turn around being completely conservative. It is this unpredictability that is Gemini's greatest flaw, and most fascinating virtue.

    Gemini is a sign possessing a great mental capacity -- but without the rigidity of other signs. Gemini's mind and ideas are flexible --changeable, and in need of continual stimulation -- they get bored easily, and have a notorious lack of attention-span. Adding to this their love of communication -- talk, and more talk, this is a sign that can sell you almost anything ... quickly.

    Cancer Characteristics
    A sign of great sensitivity -- they are emotional sponges. They, as their astrological symbol suggests -- the Crab -- are not to be taken lightly. And like the protective shell also suggests, this is a sign that coins the term, 'protective.' No one is better at defending their loved ones as is the Cancer. Their sense of loyalty and protectiveness can at times become even obsessive -- overly protective of those they loved. But as strong as they are in defense of others, they for themselves are hurt more easily than most signs.

    A sign that finds it hard to let go -- of anything. They invented the phrase,"I might need this one day." They are also noted for tending to exaggerate at times. Considered by many to be the domestic sign, this is misleading. This is the sign for whom the home plays a major part of their life. Not the hotel or motel type. Also a sign that needs to be needed. The sign that will support you behind the scenes -- but don't let that mislead you, this is a sign that craves attention and acknowledgment.

    Leo Characteristics
    Leo is one of the most energetic and gregarious of the twelve signs. A sign that enjoys having a good time, entertainment and entertaining; not to mention love affairs, and children. Leo can quickly becomes the center of attention at dinner parties because of their outgoing love of life -- and no fear of expressing it. An independent, super-ambitious and highly goal-oriented sign can roar the loudest, as their astrological symbol the Lion suggests; but down deep they are really pussycats. The king or queen of the jungle who lead the parade...even if they're the only one marching.

    Known for their temper and the capacity of being bossy and boastful at times, Leo is a stubborn sign -- sometimes to a fault. However, even when being demanding they can turn suddenly and become overly generous. More Leo's pickk up more food or bar tabs than any other sign. Their greatest asset and failing -- is their sense of pride. How others view them is of great importance... their greatest weakness. At times this can be of more importance to Leo than money or even love.

    Virgo Characteristics
    Don't let the astrological symbol for Virgo -- the Virgin Maiden -- fool you. Although thought to being a prudish sign, this is one sign that is really two different people. During the day -- in view of everyone -- they can appear straight laced and practical; but once the curtains are drawn -- watch out -- the wild side of this sign comes out.

    Virgo is the most hard working of signs, dissecting and investigating the slightest of details. Their greatest ability is to uncover and to find what is wrong, so their critical side becomes paramount. No one can be more critical than a Virgo, however no less so on themselves. A sign known to continually remind others of short-comings or problems, they often become the teacher, the detective, the nurse or investigator. Interested in doing well at work, they are also into issues of health. Virgo also has the ability of being extremely witty; and are the unlikely lovers of playing jokes on others.
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    Libra Characteristics
    The sign represented by the symbol of the scales of justice; and for that reason they are often called the sign of "balance." A good natured and pleasant sign that can at times become most sulky. Librans have a strong emotional temperament capable of soothing the hostilities of others. Known to be diplomats, Libra likes for everything to be fair and equal. Sometimes this desire for equality cause them great problems, for Libra can find it difficult to make a final decision between two sides. Their desire to please everyone concerned often creates delay and indecision.

    A pretty and attractive sign that loves all things beautiful; they make great decorators and designers and are always the first to know what is the latest in fashion, and the things that beauty can buy -- Libra always looks up-to-date and stylish. Romantics at heart, Libra always seeks the ideal mate, leaving behind many broken hearts before the right partner is found. Known to be flirts, loving that they are attractive to others -- Libra can cause one to think they are not loyal. This is not true -- they are very loyal to their mates... most of the time.

    Scorpio Characteristics
    The traditional symbol for Scorpio is of course, the 'Scorpion' -- a creature that has no pack instinct, but prefers to live alone. But when confronted, it will fight to the death. This is a strong sexed sign, powerful and persistent, secretive, suspicious of the motives of others and a formidable force for accomplishment.

    Scorpio is a determined and stubborn sign. No fence sitter is Scorpio, either they believe or disbelieve, like or dislike. Being a water sign however, it is also a sign that is emotional and sensitive, both personally and physically. Scorpio is also one of the most psychically attuned of signs. A talented and artistically gifted sign, with deep rooted desires and goals. Their greatest weakness, however, is their tendency to over-indulge in almost everything they involve themselves with -- anything that stimulates the senses is an attraction for Scorpio and should therefore be viewed always with caution.

    Sagittarius Characteristics
    Sagittarius is a sociable, optimistic, generous and cheerful sign. A sign that loves to travel and has a keen interest in things and people that are foreign. A lover of personal freedom who dislikes being 'fenced in.' This is one sign that can accomplish things twice as fast and twice as much as most other signs. It is also blessed with one of the quickest minds -- sometimes too quick. Known for the proverbial 'foot in mouth disease,' Sagittarius often speaks what they think before thinking it through.

    Known for their honesty and straightforwardness, Sagittarius often can be too honest for some with their often shockingly direct speech -- all delivered in total innocence. Often Sagittarius has a 'happy-go-lucky' charm with an almost Pollyanna personality. The one guest always sought to be included in any party or gathering. A restless sign, who can easily become a jack-of-all-trades. It is not unusual for this sign to put aside a project of importance because of boredom, especially when something of fun is offered.

    Capricorn Characteristics
    One of the most complex of the twelve signs, even the symbol for Capricorn is unusual.

    The mythological creature with the upper torso of the Mountain Goat, and the lower portion that of a Sea Creature, depict in symbol the duality of this sign. Two driving forces within one form.

    One of the most ambitious of signs, always desiring to climb higher up the ladder of social and business success. Capricorn is always seeking security -- with never, it appears, for there to be enough. A serious youth, this earth sign becomes more child-like as they age. Conservative and determined, stubbornly single-minded in their quest they can often give off an air of being 'cold,' unaffected by the obstacles or plights of others. However, this is not true. Capricorn is just a sign that finds it difficult to properly display or admit to deep sensitive emotions; preferring to keep deep inside their feelings and wounds. It has been said that very few will ever know all there is to know about Capricorn and what is going in within them -- including for most -- Capricorn themselves.

    Aquarius Characteristics
    Aquarius is another of those difficult-to-categorize signs. Confusing at times, even to those who know them best; Aquarius appears to be almost two people at odds with themselves. Known as the humanitarian sign, Aquarius can devote their lives to an ideal or cause, and is often the champion of equality and freedom. Not one whose major interest is fame or riches, it is often gentle, sympathetic, patient and truly the symbol of the Aquarian Age.

    However, there is the other side which can be confrontational. The sign that needs to have the last word; and who can mistake cleverness for strength and politeness for weakness. Ambitious at times -- but unwilling to scale any mountains to achieve it. The sign to whom delay and opposition infuriates. The artisan of manipulation beneath a guise of sweetness and light. But, a sign that can marvel many with their knowledgeable, scientific, dispassionate and experimental personality. One who is friendly, yet detached and independent. Normally soft spoken and courteous, with occasional erratic cutting statements at unpredictable times. Sort of half Albert Schweitzer and half Mickey Mouse.

    Pisces Characteristics
    An intriguing and often mystical sign. A sensitive, dramatic and emotional sign that can allure others with their seductive, poetic and delicate manner; yet seemingly so wise and practical that their shoulders are often sought by other to lean and cry upon. Born followers of causes that champion the underdog, Pisces can always be counted upon to be there doing what must be done for those they support and love.

    A sign that 'lives' everything they are involved with, Pisces often finds themselves carrying more than they desired -- but who in secret -- would have it no other way. An attractive sign, with their eyes often being their most fascinating feature. A born psychic with a mind that gives them great creative sensitivity -- and incredible dreams. The major draw-back to this is that they can often get carried away with the illusion and lose sight of the practical. A sign that does not allow others to see the rages or storms within them, allowing it to rise to the surface only when confronted with no way out -- then be prepared for a formidable enemy.

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