Chennakesava temple at Somnathpur

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    This temple is the last well preseved temple of the Hoysala period, was built in 1268. The temple faces east and is situated in the middle of a courtyard on a high plinth. A pillared mandapa leads to three star-shaped sanctuaries which reflect the dedication of the temple to the god Keshava who represents the three aspects of Vishnu. Friezes with animals and scrollwork adorn the basement while the walls are covered of sculptures of the gods set in the walls projections. The pyramidal towers are almost circular in plan and consist of diminishing storeys with pot motifs and foliated arched niches with miniature deities.

    The serene temple stands on a star shaped foundation which is characteristic of Hoysala architecture and has 3 exquisitely carved temple towers called trikutachala . The three towers once housed beautifully carved idols of Lord Kesava, Janardhana and Venugopala till Malik Kafur and other iconoclast Sultanates destroyed them like Halebidu (Dorasamudra).

    This is not a temple in the sense that there are no poojas done to the idols here since they were destroyed by the mughal invaders. It is simply a temple exhibiting the delicate craftsmanship and high precision engineering of the mighty dynasty called hoysalas which ruled the present day Karnataka between AD1100 and AD1320. This dynasty was noted for its peace and a leisurely life along with its encouragement to talent of arts, which is reflected all around the temple.(hoy is kill and sala is head of the dynasty since he tackled the tiger single handed and killed, this heroic deed took the form of yadava dynasty as hoysala dynasty)

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