Childhood Story Of Krishna

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    Krishna was one of those children. You know the type - mischievous and naughty on the one hand, but when it comes to the telling off, the big smile that melts the heart of every grown up, he could get away with anything!

    Krishna loved to play tricks. On one occasion some of the women of the village came to Krishna's mother and complained. 'We've had enough of this!' they shouted, 'Krishna keeps untying the calves and chasing them away and when we try to stop him, he just looks at us and laughs in our face! He thinks up clever plans to steal food from us, and we would swear that he only enjoys it because it is stolen. What is worse is that he gives half the food to the monkeys, and if there is any left he smashes the pots up and ruins it. If he can't find what he wants he makes the other children cry and then runs away. He climbs up on furniture, steals our jewellery and pretends to be a lamp. Its just not good enough. You will have to do something about him.' When Krishna's mother heard all this she was cross, but then when she came to tell him off, she look at his frightened expression and his beautiful face and somehow all she could do was laugh at his cheeky ways!

    A little while later, Krishna's friends came running up to his mother saying, 'Krishna has been eating mud from the ground.' Yasoda, his mother, eventually found him and told him off. Krishna denied the accusation. 'I didn't eat dirt' he protested, 'if you don't believe me look inside my mouth and see for yourself! Yasoda did just that, but as she looked inside his mouth a strange and amazing thing happened.

    In his mouth she saw the whole universe, heaven and earth, the mountains and the seas, the islands and the oceans, the wind and the lightning, the moon the stars and the zodiac and many other things as well!

    She was very, very confused! Did she dream it and was it some kind of illusion? Or was her son Krishna a god? Whatever it was she bowed down before him. Krishna had worked a magic illusion! You see Krishna was really a form of the god Vishnu, and Yasoda was chosen to be the mother of the god. Through her new understanding of who Krishna really was she had come to realise something about herself. She should never look on the outer person and make judgements. What is inside may take you by surprise!

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