Choose Lucky Gemstone Acording to Your Moon Sign (Birth Rashi)

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    The Sign of Moon, at the time of some ones birth is known as birth sign. Gemstones can be worn in according to some ones birth sign. Wearing the gemstone of the lord of birth sign gives similar results as wearing the gemstone of the Ascendant lord. Hence one can wear the gemstone of the birth sign Lord to overcome the health, wealth and personal problems.

    However, a person knows his date of birth but not exactly knows birth time, in such a situation, the only alternative to wear a gemstone according to his birth sign.

    Let us know how to choose Lucky gemstone according to Birth Sign.
    Moon Sign (Birth Rashi) | Which Gemstone should wear
    Moonsign Aries/ Mesh | Wear Coral,the gemstone of Mars.Lord of Aries sign. Auspicious to wear Coral in Triangle shape.
    Moonsign Taurus/ Vrishbha | Taurus sign are advised to wear Diamond gemstone of Venus, Lord of the Taurus sign. If an inauspicious Yoga is formed in their birth chart, which may affect the longevity of the person, then this gemstone of Lord of the birth sign can reduce its malefic effect.
    Moonsign Gemini/Mithun | These persons should wear Emerald which is the gemstone of Mercury. Mercury is the Lord of Gemini. For Favorable resultsWear the gem in pentagon shape
    Moonsign Cancer/ Kark | The people of cancer sign should wear a whole Pearl (There must not have a hole in Pearl). The positive influence of Pearl reduces the tensions and help in stabilizing the thoughts.Moon is the Lord of Cancer. So people of this sign wears a pearl, they get very auspicious results. The person acquires self control over emotions.
    Moonsign Leo/Simha | Sun is the lord of Leo. Peoples of this sign should wear a Ruby of round shape. The person gets auspicious results from the Ascendant Lord of his birth chart. Peoples suffering from mental diseases should also wear Ruby stone for Mental Peace.
    Moonsign Virgo/ Kanya | Virgo is the sign of Mercury. The People born in this sign should wear Emerald. This stone yields the auspicious results of Mercury. People who desires better mental capabilities can also wear this stone.
    Moonsign Libra/ Tula | Libra sign people should wear White Sapphire to get favorable results from Venus, the Lord of Libra sign. White Sapphire is the substitute of Diamond, the gem of Venus. It is auspicious to wear this gemstone on Friday during Shukla Paksha.
    Moonsign Scorpio/ Vrischika | Scorpio people should wear Coral, the gemstone of Mars. Coral increases the physical strength of the person. This lucky stone also provides positive effect on health.
    Moonsign Sagittarius/ Dhanu | These People should wear Yellow sapphire. It improves health as well as economic conditions. The person takes interest in increasing own knowledge.
    Moonsign Capricorn/ Makar | Capricorn should wear Blue Sapphire. It is more useful for the people in police service. It also helps the person to reap benefits appropriate to their efforts.
    Moonsign Aquarius/ Kumbha | Saturn is the lord of the Aquarius sign.People of this sign should wear Firoza to get favorable results.
    Moonsign Pisces/ Meen | People of Pisces should wear Sapphire stone. Pisces is Governed by Jupiter, wearing this stone will enhance its auspiciousness. The person will have better judgement, Hike in economic prosperity with ability to take intelligent decisions in their life progress.

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