Christian Missionaries That Offer "Relief Work" To Blaspheme Lord Krishna

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    I have seen at my local University of Guelph , Christian organizations that raise funds to send missionaries to India to convert pious Hindu people into becoming cow eaters in the name of Christ and to give up their devotion to Lord Krishna. This is very demoniac activity, just like the "happy" Ronald McDonald clown is actually a mass butcher

    In the west, Christian organizations raise money for humanitarian work with the idea of sending it to countries and people in need of it. But much of that money actually goes for conversion tactics, even to militant groups such as those in India’s northeast, and for “Christian” education in the third world countries. But what is the real purpose of such education?

    This is the way “Christian” education forces the students to give up their native Hindu / Vedic ways and forget their previous culture and language. They often start to drink alcohol and smoke as well, just like many of their Pastors do, attending so-called parties

    Please read Srila Prabhupada's Bhagavad Gita As It Is, his Srimad Bhagavatam, get a japa mala to chant the Hare Krishna mantra, and abstain from all meat fish eggs chicken onions and garlic and offer only sattvic lacto-vegetarian bhoga to Lord Krishna for your prasadam. Become strong in Krsna consciousness and take a stand against the invasion of the cow killing Muslims,Communist, atheists and superficial Christians.

    Of course it is Vaisnavism , or Krishna consciousness that we want to promote specifically, and not the vague "Hinduism" which is a Muslim word that they gave to the people living east of the Indus or Sindhu River, but the idea is still there to preserve Sanatana Dharma , and not give up it's superior understanding in exhange for Christianity or Islam which condones the killing of Mother Cow and Father Bull, which has nothing to do with the teachings of Christ or even Mohammed. They are very confused and contradictory faiths, though they at least in theory agree that we are all Abdullah, or servants of the Supreme Lord. If you ask them who that Supreme Lord is , they cannot give a clear description, or else the Christians will say that Christ is God, even thou he says he sits on the right hand side of his Father, and prayed to his Father ( Krishna ) in the Garden of Gethsemene.

    Hinduism is not a word in the Vedas. Hindusim is a sectarian term , which could mean polytheism, or a belief in " many Gods" which gives the Christians and Muslims reason to attack. Polytheism or putting Lord Siva , Ganesa or Durga on the same level of Lord Krishna is atheism and is against the Vedic scriptures, even though many " Hindus" are confused and accept this

    Another type of atheism that Christians and Muslims are against is that many confused "Hindus" accept the impesonal monism of the bhogi yogis such as Rama Krishna , Vivekananda, Maharishi , etc... who teach that we are all equal to Lord Krishna, or that Krishna is only a manifestation of the Supreme Brahman, when it is actually the other way around

    So Hindus who are uneducated about their own culture of Lord Krishna are also responsible for allowing confused Christians and Muslims to convert them back to a mono-theistic view that there is only one Supreme Lord, which IS the philosophy of Lord Krishna !?!

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    They are just practicing their religion as part of their religion is the need to convert others. Very unfortunate, and we need to lobby governments, educate our youth, and respond in otherwise fairly aggressive ways. The passive nature of Hinduism will lead to its downfall, ironically. Still, we have strength in numbers. and wherever education thrives enough for people to see through the massive adharma that is the Abrahamic religions, they either become atheist or agnostic, and if they still feel a need, come to the eastern ways. For every convert in India, more 'drop out' in the west, often angry at all the lies they have been told.

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