Chuang Tzu Story - Wholeness

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    How does the true man of Tao
    Walk through walls without obstruction
    And stand in fire without being burnt?

    Not because of cunning or daring,
    Not because he has learned –
    But because he has unlearned.

    His nature sinks to his root in the one.
    His vitality, his power,
    Hide in secret Tao.

    When he is all one,
    There is no flaw in him
    By which a wedge can enter.

    So a drunken man who falls out of a wagon
    Is bruised, but not destroyed,
    His bones are like the bones of other men,
    But his fall is different.
    His spirit is entire.
    He is not aware of getting into the wagon,
    Or falling out of it.
    Life and death are nothing to him.
    He knows no alarm,
    He meets obstacles without thought,
    without care,
    And takes them without knowing they are there.

    If there is such sincerity in wine,
    How much more in Tao?
    The wise man is hidden in Tao,
    Nothing can touch him.

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