Civilisations Rise and Fall

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    Civilisations rise and fall, it's the order of human existence since the dawn of human life. We, the Hindus, are one of the oldest surviving civilizations of this world spanning thousands of years even by modern documented accounts (millions of years if we go by our ancient scriptures).

    We've survived despite a millenia of foreign transgressions, internal rife, social perversions like caste system and numerous other calamities.

    We survived because we were resilient. We refused to give in, we never surrendered to the enemies. We always re-organised, rearmed and reclaimed lost ground. The wars raged on and they continue to date. Inner and outer struggles our nation faces every day.

    We were resilient because we kept our identities, our ethos intact. Our value system was preserved by hardships and sacrifices of many. We knew what our ideals were, our heroes, our gods, our scriptures, our philosophy, our spirituality.
    These, collectively, define us as Bharat, as Sanatan Dharma and as long as we had it intact, we kept fighting and we survived.

    Our enemies - be it islamic invaders or the leftists in post colonial India, knew this fact. They knew that as long as our identities and our heritage is intact, we are impenetrable. So they did what they had to - erase our past, our symbols, identities, monuments, temples, relics.

    At least 2000 major Hindu temples and monuments were either completely destroyed (with mosques built over them) or were modified (like tejo mahalya or gyanvapi mosque) by invaders to show the strength of their religion.
    To make matters worse, our historians, academicians and record keepers - with vested interests in their head, totally whitewashed our history further diminishing our identities.

    We've been hit where it'd hurt us most - our heritage, our past.
    A 'modern day Indian' doesn't want to relate to anything remotely connected to our culture.

    'Indian Culture' is rather a derogatory term used to demonise a person as a conservative bigot. Those who do it, the useful idiots of the leftist masters, realize little they they're delineating an entire generation from its roots.
    Something the India of future will never forgive them for.C
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    Now, this time, can we please make sure it doesn't happen again and never let our guard down?
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