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    "When I landed in Mumbai 2003, I was sort of non-practicing Hindu. But as I observed the jihadi bigots and read their books, I discovered the centrality of rituals in a religion if it is to survive.

    In 2004, I had refused to give chanda, and criticised the drinking and dancing during 'visarjans', calling it sacrilege and useless noise.But as I read and read, I realised that these 'drunk dancers' have a big hand in keeping alive not just Hinduism, but even me, as I figured that my types who criticise them would run away at the first cry of jihad. But these 'drunk dancer' would step forward and fight for their faith, and in process save me. And since at least 2005, I am the most die hard supporter of all our noisy festivals and all the drinking and dancing. I give them chanda in the amounts they never expect, and if I am not at home when they come, I seek them out to pay. In fact as I thought more about it, we idiot Hindus never give chanda to our organisations and nor do we support our political patrons with money or vote, and end up spending huge amounts in taxes and paying out subsidies to parasites who want subsidy for everything, in paying out bribes that become necessary because of break down of law and order brought about by vote bank managers, spending huge amounts on school education because of scarcity of schools brought about by again vote bank manager.So during any festival season, I will go out and support the mandals, and drink and dance if possible. Rituals like these will save us. As far as noise is concerned, we have always been a noisy people. Noise is life.

    In Switzerland they jail you if you operate flush in an apartment building after 10 pm. No wonder the Europe is dying (btw, this blogger does not necessarily agree with it!)

    Noise is life (enjoyable noise of a tolerable decibel level is OK with this blogger who cannot live in vacuum!)

    You can feel the rush of adrenaline when the music is at full blast. We must not import idiocies of a dying Civilization.

    Apologist mindset has kept us slaves, it's time to liberate ourselves without care for what the world thinks. At least we're not beheading people or burning thousands of them alive calling them heretics.


    An eye opener Q/A on above post

    • (by) ___________________@admin i have a question i always wondered

      Secularism (not pseudo secularism or minority appeasement) is not just political correctness but a characteristic of Hinduism ..

      Hinduism has survived and is the most ancient religion not because its oh so might but because of a simple fact ..

      "It adapts on the changing times" and its is important that we keep it this way..

      There were many many uncountable mal practices "Which i view were necessary in those times" are abolished
      again a sign how hinduism adapts to the changing time ..

      Secularism is also a major trait that clearly dictates "You can pray to ANY god of your choice as long as you pray to the almighty" so you can be a sikh a muslm or you can pray to the table spoon god but still be called a Hindu
      ... it is (or is it?) the radical changing of the Sanatan dharma which the most adaptable dharma into 'Hindutva' that is destroying us (Indians of today...)

      If sanatan dharma was not so liberal there will (would) be many religions in India today, for instance a cult praying to lord Vishnu would be killing the cult praying to lord Shiva and would be fighting among themselves...

      But the sanatan dharma gave freedom of worship and this is why we have millions of gods but we still are together with all the differences...

      So my question is why not revive it again why not expand our known pantheon to others sikhs , muslims and all can still be a part of the hindu dharma or the sanatan dharma as long as they maintain a few specifics. If (Sanathana Dharma) is a Dharma and not a religion and should not it always be this way, are not we destroying it ourselves... (by making it too liberal?)

    • Dr. Subramanian Swamy
    • dear brother, will have to correct you on several counts, no offence...

      1) (on)"hinduism has survived and is" :
      Hinduism survived because of Rana Pratap, Shivaji, Bappa Rawal, Adi Shankaracharya and countless other heroes and saints. It has not survived because of "change". Change is a human trait, dharma doen't change - it's perfect from start else it's a perversion. there is no ritual in original Sanatan Dharma that is useless or needs change.

      2) (on) "uncountable mal practices Which i view were necessary in those times are abolished" >-
      Hinduism never had any mal practices. If you're referring to sati and child marriage or dowry then you must know all of these cropped up after islamic invasions and atrocities on Kafir women. Not a part of Sanatan Dharma. Same goes for anything you can think of, it's all been studied in detail and none were found to be a 'mal-practice'

      3) (on) "you can pray to the table spoon god but still be called a Hindu" : as long as you observe the basic tenets of Sanatan Dharma like, humanity, spirituality and self actualization. It's a like a liberal house, not an open dirt field brother.

      4) (on) "this is why we have millions of gods " : Original Sanatan Dharma talks of just one god in vedas. We have 33 (koti) different kinds of manifestations (33 koti) which has been misinterpreted by western civilization as 33 crore gods.

      5) (on) "why not expand our known pantheon to others " : Hinduism is open to accept all, but the people you're talking about are not.

      6) Peace doesn't come cheap. Sacrifices are to be made to defend and preserve what's the most amazing wisdom mankind ever had. We've had Nalanda University burnt down by invaders ... being blindly non-violent was the cause

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