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    In the Pic here :

    A famous American Hindu priest Sri Dharma Pravartaka Acharya (Frank Morales) is giving sacred thread (Brahmanical Initiation ) to a Western Hindu lady Mrs Betsy .

    Here its worth noting two significant phenomenon .

    1) A Western Hindu Guru is giving thread to another Westerner. Now this makes it amply clear that you dont have to be born as a Brahmin to obtain the sacred thread. No one is a Brahmin by birth .Its the qualities that makes one a Brahmin and not lineage.Any human can become a Brahmin as long as he is worth to be one and follows the rituals associated with it.Also a Western Hindu can also initiate anyone as long as he is worthy enough to do it.

    2) The second thing worth mentioning here is that a woman is getting the sacred thread .In Vedic ages a woman also used to get Upanayana. A women is equal to a man infact is on a higher pedestal.So anything a man can do ,women can do it better. There are many famous female sages (rishis) in our Sanatan Dharma (Hinduism). Ex: Ghosha,Lopamudra,Maitreyi,Gargi

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