Danveer Karna-Charity is thy name

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    It was a rainy season .An old brahmin went
    to karna in the next morning. As usual karna was engaged in giving daan to peoples ... That brahmin looked tensed and worried at something ...
    Welcoming the old brahmin, he asked brahmin as to order him what he can do for him. Brahmin
    said, “ I have to do funeral rights of my son immediately and for that some
    wooden logs are required.”
    Karna said, “O, brahmin why are you so worried for such a simple thing?” saying so, he asked his servants to fetch some wood. The
    servants returned after a while and reported to him
    about the wood being wet due to rain. Hearing this Karna went inside and asked brahmin to wait for a while ..
    Huge noices heard from karna's palace ..after some time karna returned with many pieces of sandalwood furniture
    Brahmin wondered how come he arranged dry furniture as it was not available anywhere due to rains..
    Karna replied o noble brahmin I cut off my room's sandalwood furniture ..kindly accept this
    Brahmin wondered and asked "why did you cut off your precious artistic
    sandalwood furniture?”
    Karna replied, “These things can
    be made again, but there is no other grief than sending away someone empty handed despite his request to
    fulfil his desire.”

    Brahmin became happy and blessed karna and went away ..

    "From this, we must learn that, we too should be ready to sacrifice our things for the sake of others."
    Help the poors and disabled persons ..it would only cost some love and in return u will get lots of blessings from them and ultimately lord will bless you.

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