Dayananda Saraswati

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    Dayananda Saraswati; this name remains a legend to many up to date. Dayananda Saraswati was a powerful religious reformist who went against the social mistreatment among traditional Hindus through knowledge based on Vedas. His work of reform started in northern India where he was born and brought up before traversing across the country in search of spiritual knowledge in theology schools. Born in Gujarat; Dayananda Saraswati saw the misunderstanding of what the Vedas taught among the tradition Hindus and decided to sought in-depth knowledge in religion but based on true roots of Vedas.

    Dayanda Saraswati; started a social reform movement called the Arya Samaj at around 1875, whose main aim was to advance Hinduism. Despite that Dayananda Saraswati’s principles were distinct from what by then was dominant practice of Hinduism; he managed to convert a great group due to his deep faith and knowledge in Vedas. Dayananda Saraswati developed ten principles whose knowledge was based on Vedas which all the converts were supposed to practice, follow and recite on daily basis. The principles main aims were to advance and transform the society through physical, spiritual, economic and social betterment of human race.

    Through Dayanda Saraswati principles; early forced marriages for girls reduced among Hindu community. Due to Dayananda Saraswati participation in campaign for girl child education; many women go educated and could physically engage in economic contribution activities. His main aim was not to establish another religion but to enforce the true teachings of Vedas which was highly misunderstood by the traditional Hindu communities. As can be found up to date through his book Satyarth Prakash, he wanted to bring in to action the true development of human race through acceptance of the existence of the true supreme being of God. Through analytical thinking; Dayananda Saraswati; rejected the falsehood that had created dominance among Hindu community and established a true and committed course to revolutionize the Hinduism.

    Dayananda Saraswati believed in the existence of one living and Supreme Being or God. He also believed that this Supreme Being was the Only Being to be worshipped. This was difficult since the Hindu religion by then believed in worshipping idols. The main philosophy of his teaching was that people should go back to the Vedas and obtain the real knowledge which could benefit the society morally, economically and even spiritually. He reconverted Hindus who had been converted to other religions back to the true Hinduism according to Vedas. He also achieved and played a great role in attacking the caste distinctions which existed and perpetuated social inequalities.

    Dayananda Saraswati founded the Samaj movement at AD 1875, where his teachings were highly spread and everyone was welcomed to the movement provided that they could follow the ten principles to the letter.Out of these ten principles few are as follows:

    1. · God was the true source of knowledge as the Vedas explained it
    2. · God was the maker of all things the source and the immortal, was to be feared and to be worshiped.
    3. · Believe in Vedas as the source of true knowledge. All Aryas were supposed to read, recite and practice them.
    4. · Accept truth as it is in Vedas
    5. · Every action was to be based on being right or wrong.
    6. · As an Aryan Samaj would practice doing good to the world
    7. · Be guided by love, righteousness and justice

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