Death bed or KarNa Mantras

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    These shlokas are to be chanted in the right ear when a person’s end is very near, by his near and dear ones around him.

    The following is by Adi Shankara:

    Yadaa avarNayath karNamoolae

    Anthakaalae s(h)ivo raama raamaethi raamaethi kaas(h)yaam

    Thadaekam param thaarakam brahmaroopam Bhajae aham Bhajae aham Bhajae aham Bhajae aham

    A person attains liberation, if, on his death bed, those around him chant Rama nama and Shiva nama in his ears.

    The following is from Bhagavadgita – 18.66

    Sarvadharmaan parithyajya maamaekam s(h)araNam vraja
    Aham thvaa sarvapaapaebhyo mokshayishyaami maa s(h)uchah

    In this verse Krishna summarises the entire teachig of Gita thus:
    Abandoning dependence on all dharmas ( or on human efforts at moral and spritual upliftment), come to Me as the only Refuge. Grieve not; I will deliver you from all sins.
    This is the essence of the entire Gita, nay, the essence of the entire scriptural literature.

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