Delightful Date Sweets Recipe

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    These are two varieties of sweets that you simply cannot resist


    1 packet of the best quality black seeded dates
    100g walnuts
    100g almonds
    1 tbsp jaggery


    Slit the date and carefully remove the seeds without breaking the date.

    Variety 1

    In half the dates in the place of the seed, stuff with a piece of walnut so that a part of the walnut sticks out. That’s it! And it tastes great.

    Variety 2

    This one needs a little more effort but it’s nice to serve the two kinds together. Pour boiling water over the almonds and wait 3 – 4 minutes. Peel them. Grind them along with the jaggery to make a paste. Roll the paste into little seed shaped ovals and stuff the dates with these. Serve both varieties together.
    Serve the dates stuffed with blanched whole almonds or whole cashews.

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