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    Desires when fulfilled would definitely give birth to more desires, someone desire to get a partner, get married but after marriage they desire for child, his better future, his marriage and still desire to see the grand children's and there is no end. One can realise and understand, whenever our desires were fulfilled it came with many problems, can you name one, which got 100% happiness throughout life?

    Sri Krishna says in Gita, this material world is filled with Misery (Dukhalaya ashshwatam) so how can there be happiness in those things which are part of same creation, created out of sufferings, let it be things or relationships?

    "Dukheche sukh manena" we find happiness in sufferings, Gurudev shared a story by Sri Ramkrishna Paramhams.

    This fish catcher lady had this habit of sleeping in a place filled with stinking fishing nets around her, fishing was part of her family business, one day she visits her friends house, a Gardner, due to some reason she had to rest here for a night, this house filled with aroma which made it very difficult for this fisher girl to sleep, her friend concluded and decide to get a fishing net from nearby and kept near her bed, she had a good night sleep. This is our condition in this material world, we find happiness in suffering but we do not realise, we keep running whole life and at the end we die with desires which we never achieved in life and again we get a birth and continue running like those street dogs who never walk but always run as if they are in to some big business, they always run and achieve nothing at the end of the day.

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