Devotion of Lord Rama

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    Lord Rama is considered as the Incarnation of God in Hindu History. This story belongs to that time when Demon King Ravana had abducted his wife (Ma Sita).

    Ravana's Kingdom was on the other side of the Sea and to rescue Ma Sita, Lord Rama had to Cross the Sea with his Monkey Army.

    Lord Rama wanted to do a special Worship to appease the God of Sea. According to Scriptures the Worship requires 100 lotus flowers. Incidentally Lord Rama could find only 99 Lotus flowers. Now what to do?

    Lord Rama remembered that his Eyes are also recognized as Lotus flowers by many sages. Lord Rama plucked one of his Eyes and Completed the Worship. And pleased with Lord Rama's devotion the Sea God Guided Him.

    In the path of Devotion, the Devotee does not care about its life as he leaves everything on the of God.

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