Dharma Practiced By Shri Ram Bhagwan

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    Jai Shri Shiva Pariwar.

    Dharma Practiced By Shri Ram Bhagwan.

    We also find that in different situations, he gave counsel and imparted knowledge. When he visited Shabari, overcome by her faith and devotion, he instructed her on Nava Vidha Bhakti, or the "nine types of devotion.” To Lakshmana, he gave advice on Vairagya, Viveka, Maya (illusion), and, at times, Rajaniti (politics). To Tara, who was weeping over the death of Vali, he imparted Self-knowledge, which removed her ignorance and filled her with Ananda (Eternal Bliss). He was filled with love for all beings and gave of himself in every way, at every level. When he finally had to kill Ravana, he told Vibhishana to perform the final rites, considering Ravana as a brother. In this way, Shri Rama translated his divine nature, satchidananda, into everyday living—the ideal into practical reality, thus, distinguishing himself as the Adarsha Purusha, the Maryada Purushottama, the great and noble Shri Ramachandra.

    Shri Rama’s greatness lay in his ability to make the meanest creature as himself—not so much in trampling over, intimidating, and sitting in lordship over others, like Ravana did, but instead, in searching out the lurking potential of greatness in each individual and providing occasions in which it could be made to manifest or bloom in full splendor, as he did with Hanumanji, who, until then, had been humbly inconspicuous. So, too, he did with Vibhishana and Bharata. The world would have been absolutely ignorant of these great devotees had it not been for Shri Rama bringing them into the limelight. This indeed is greatness.

    Perceiving that one, great Essence pervading the entire universe, to live thereafter, glorifying, worshipping, and extolling this Divinity through all actions, however humble and insignificant, and offering it all as worship at the altar of the Spirit universal, is the dharma preached by Shri Rama. This was the principle upon which he based his glorious life. If these points are kept in mind while commencing a sincere study of the Ramayana, true understanding is bound to dawn upon us. These are eternal values, and this is what we have to learn from the Puranas.

    Jai Sita Ram.
    Namaha Parvati Pataya Hara Hara Mahadev.

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