Diabetes in Winter Season

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    Unlike other Metabolic disorders, Diabetic patients need more care and observations in Winter season. Due to cold weather and heavy snow conditions, as a Diabetic patient, if you do not exert enough, you are likely to raise your blood sugar level and periodically, it is not safe.

    In addition to taking proper medications, it is important for a Diabetic patient to exert enough, if staying home. As a Homemaker, you must exert enough at home and monitor your caloric consumptions closely. Hydrating your body does not mean to consume drinks with sugar or even with sugar-free. Brisk walk after every meal must be attempted.

    If you are a working woman and have sitting office work for eight hours of the day, you must report your manager and get permission of 20 min walk at least twice during your office hours.

    In addition to all this, herbal combination of Gudmar, Karela beej, Karanj beej, Jamun Beej, Neem Beej and Valuable Bhasmas must be taken as a supplement for your body mechanism to act fruitfully giving you enough energy to exert in these cold months.

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