Difference between a saint and a Guru

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    If one were to view the spiritual maturity or spiritual level of a person on a scale from 1 to 100% where God is 100%, then through spiritual research using advanced sixth sense we have found that the spiritual level of an average person in the world today is around the 20% mark. Spiritual research shows that over 80% of the world’s population is below the 35% spiritual level.

    According to the science of spirituality, one becomes eligible for the spiritual state of Sainthood when one attains a spiritual level of at least 70%, irrespective of his religion or path of spiritual practice.

    The Guru is the one who dispels a disciple’s ignorance, advises him to undertake spiritual practice in order to make spiritual progress, gets it done from him and bestows spiritual experiences upon him. The Guru’s attention is fixed only on a disciple’s spiritual progress and not on his worldly happiness (as that depends on destiny).
    Every Guru is a Saint but the reverse is not always true. Only a small percentage of Saints qualify as Gurus.
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    Every Guru is a saint, but the reverse is not always true. Inspite of this being so, majority of the characteristics of saints also apply to Gurus.

    Saints give some guidance to accomplish some achievements, in both the materialistic as well as the spiritual realms. When a saint accepts a seeker as a disciple He becomes the latter’s Guru. A Guru guides only regarding achieving the realm without materialistic expectation. Once a saint commences His mission as a Guru His desire to help His devotees to overcome their worldly obstacles gradually decreases and finally ceases altogether.

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