Difference Between Religion And Dharma

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    In religion,god question you...
    In Sanatan Dharma (hinduism),you question god

    In religion you fear god..
    In Sanatan Dharma you love god..

    In religion you follow messengers...
    In Sanatan Dharma you follow your own conscience..

    In religion you are slave of god..
    In Sanatan dharma you are a part of god..

    In religion you have to surrender...
    In Sanatan Dharma you have to discover

    In religion god shows miracles...
    In Sanatan dharma god shows science...

    In religion god is enemy of unbelievers..
    In hinduism,god is the friend of all

    All religions are man -made and to divide people whereas Santan Dharma is not a religion but a Way of Life.
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